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Monday, July 4, 2011

"36 Hours on Call" Blessing Ceremony




Weibo Pictures

Yesterday, the new series "36 Hours on Call" held a blessing ceremony. Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Candy Chang, and Ben Wong, who play doctors in the series, as well as a group of newcomers were in attendance. Tavia expressed that she and Kenneth are an arguing couple in the series; she will also fall for him, but he unfortunately does not like her. As for Him, he will have an admiration for her. Working with Him for the first time, Tavia feels that he is a cheerful and sunny boy. When asked whether she would be worried about having rumours, Tavia laughingly said that she treats Him as a younger brother, as she likes guys who are mature, steady, and have a sense of security.

The series has used a large group of newcomers. When asked whether she would get really angry from frequent NGs when working with newcomers, she said, "Would not, but would say 'hurry up'". She pointed out that newcomers would definitely NG. She also continually NG-ed when she was a newcomer...sometimes do not have enough sleep, and would also NG over ten times. However, having filmed for two or three days, have gotten off work on time. Him, who has been frequently filming series for TVB, has even more opportunities than TVB's biological sons [i.e., TVB-managed artistes]. When asked whether he would become a biological son, he laughingly said, "At most, be a godson. I still have a contract with Filmko...cannot say the term".

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Personal Note: Ma Ming and Tavia definitely looked more refreshed at the blessing. Ma Ming had a few days off to do a stage performance in Toronto; however, instead of sleeping on the plane, he used the time to read the scripts for the first five episodes of this series. Ma Ming also said that he ate well, and it does show on his face. :P

Ma Ming and Tavia are always so funny...they are becoming more and more matching in appearance. :D

Wouldn't be surprised if Him did ask the producer to add some romantic scenes between him and Mandy.... :P

Very nice of Marcus, who worked as an emergency doctor in Australia before entering TVB, to stay on the set even when he is not in the scene. :)

*Credits to tavia.org, the-sun, headlinedaily, tungstar, wenweipo, and Weibo


  1. what!??! kenneth and tavia are not paired together =[? sad....

  2. To huama:

    They are paired up; it's just that, in this series and in "Back to the Three Kingdoms", Tavia falls for Ma Ming first.

  3. Kenneth looks handsome. Glad that he had some time off to make money and he will have some time off too after this series before Triumph 2 to rest :).

    Him has the looks and potential as the next rising star so it isn't surprising that TVB is giving him a lot of opportunities. He's also a regular in Patrick Kong movies. It's an advantage that he's not under TVB because that means he can do more outside work.

  4. Is it just me or does Tavia with that hair really look like Charmaine? I almost did a double take. LOL.

    But I miss Tavia with long hair. She's had the short hair look for series for a long time!

  5. Hi Hyn, I'm a Tavia's Vietnamese fan. I can't understand Cantonese, could you translate this clip into English? We have Tavia fansite in Vietnam and we really want make vietsub clip for others Vietnamese fans.
    Welcome you visit our website "Ahyi.net.vn"
    We are always appreciate for your translations. Thanks you so much and keep it up.

  6. @Michelle: yes they have similar haircuts. They both had a more shorter version when they first cut it and that looked the same. It seems like they are both trying to grow it out.

    Personally I think Tavia does look younger than Charmaine. Charmaine has aged a lot over the past couple of years and it really shows on her face. She tries too hard when she smiles and you can start to see the skin underneath the cheekbone sagging and wrinkly. Maybe worked too hard over the years.

  7. To Labio:

    Sorry, I will not be translating the clip. If there was any intention on translating the clip, it would have been included in the post.

    To Anonymous:

    Tavia is younger than Charmaine.

  8. From The Other Truth, Tavia's mouth is weird.