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Friday, July 8, 2011

"The Life and Times of a Sentinel" Promotional Clip 1


(The mystery of Kangxi's succession to the throne.)
Narrator: "Unravel the secret of a lifetime within the Forbidden City. The Kangxi Emperor is an emperor of a millennium. It was rumoured that he was not personally appointed by Shunzhi to be the successor to the throne. Did someone secretly change the edict? Did someone deliberately switch the prince? 'The Life and Times of a Sentinel'. July 25th @ 8:30pm".

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Personal Note: Surprised that Timothy Cheng did this narration! :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. This series look great and I miss heavy palace dramas. Kenneth and Steven's role are especially mysterious and deep looking, especially Kenneth's. I have full anticipation on this series :D

  2. wow I didn't realize that TVB started getting Cheng Tse Sing (Chi Ho from Kindred Spirit) to dub for their promo vocals. He does alot of vocals for ads and is well known for his nice voice.

  3. oooh i have seen cheng tse sing in a while~! yah my most memorable role of him is still Chi Ho!!

    oh i didnt know this is was thunder was about...cool! kinda want to see more trailers to see what this is abt

  4. To sport3888:

    Yes, Timothy has a very nice voice. He also speaks in a well-paced manner, and has good enunciation.

    To JingMui:

    Yes, Chi Ho is Timothy's most memorable role. It is also his first role in TVB. :)