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Friday, July 15, 2011

"The Life and Times of a Sentinel" Promotional Clip 4



Narrator: "Life history uncovered. Resentment between families revealed".

Steven Ma: "Your hands are full of blood! You killed all the loyal ministers and physicians! Your enmity with us, the Kei family, will not live under the same sky!"

Narrator: "Battle for power. A lifelong persistence of vindictiveness and hatred".

Sunny Chan: "In the future, the emperor's state will be handed off to you to manage".

Kenneth Ma: "The Qing state was supposed to be mine! The position as Qing emperor is mine!"

Narrator: "Each has his or her own goal. In order to exact revenge, each seeks his or her own method.

Ching Ho Wai: "How dare you?! Want to change the system and usurp the throne...."

Kenneth Ma: "I shall have my revenge!"

Narrator: "'The Life and Times of a Sentinel'. July 25th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Ching Ho Wai should actually be the first female lead according to the prominence of her role. :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Who's considered first female lead for this, Selena?

  2. To Michael:

    Selena is considered the first female lead because she is paired up with Steven.

  3. Ma Ming is so evil in this series.Hopefully this is a breakthrough role for him.

  4. Really excited for this! The story seems exciting! Hope it wouldn't disappoint. And it Selena's first series as female lead! Excited for her! (:

  5. Is this a year of being villain for Kenneth?

  6. I wonder how evil Kenneth will be his position is kinda like Joe Ma's in Relic but Joe didn't turn out to be evil.

  7. haha well it's nice to see Ching Hor Wai getting bigger roles and in more dramas now :)

    I'm unfamiliar with our chinese dynasty stories but I look forward to seeing a bit of this to know how this turns out. Will you be watching this hyn?

  8. I think Kenneth will be evil but much smarter and have more reasons than in Grace Under Fire. I love how intense Steven and Kenneth look in their face offs! :D

  9. I'm excited for Selena too and hope her screentime won't be too little although this is a male oriented series

  10. To JingMui:

    Will definitely check out the first episode. :)

  11. So Natalie Tong would be the 2nd female lead? Looking forward to this series as Natalie will play an evil role..

  12. To Wilson Way:

    Yes, Natalie is the second female lead.