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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lee Tim Sing's September Series Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《天梯》
Pinyin title: Tin Tai
Temporary English title: "Ladder to Heaven"
Producer: Lee Tim Sing

- 30-episode pre-modern grand production.
- The series will be packaged as a love story.
- Because the story requires more mature actors, Moses and Maggie have been cast as the leads. Other cast members include Aimee Chan, Edwin Siu, Benjamin Yuen, etc.
- Moses and Maggie will play a pair.
- Moses and Aimee will not have a couple relationship, as Aimee will be working on another line.
- Aimee and KK Cheung will play a pair.
- Lee Tim Sing revealed that he is specially using new faces when selecting second-line actors (i.e., not the bunch that he is used to working with), such as Edwin, Benjamin, etc.
- There will be no love triangles.
- Joel Chan will play an exaggerating businessman who does Chinese medicine wholesaling. In this industry, KK is the first brother, while Joel is always ranked second; however, he really wants to be the first brother.
- Samantha Ko will play Joel's wife.
- Mat Yeung and Katy Kung will play husband and wife.

Personal Note: Hope that Lee Tim Sing keeps his word about having no love triangles....


  1. I'm very very curious to know who the "second-line" actors will be. And Aimee... well, I still a little bit iffy.

  2. yeah, aimee ...iffy
    other actors =] edwin!!!