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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Knockin'" - Van Ness Wu

OC/OA: Bruno Mars/Justin Michael

Everyday you complain, you say men all the same.
You give your heart, up to them, but they give you pain.
Telling me, they're so mean, it's the same old story
I try to tell you, girl what more, but you just ignore me.

*You wish they would just listen like me
You wish they would respect you like me
But there's something that you can't see
The man that'll treat you good, is standing right in front of you

#Tell me what you waiting for
When my hearts been knockin' on your door
Knockin' on your door, knockin’, knockin’
Can't take this anymore,
You let these strangers walk in, and forget about your friend
Who's outside knockin’ on your door~ your door~ your door~
I'm outside knockin’ on your door~ your door~ your door~
I'm ouside knockin’~

Can't take no more, it's killing me, won't play no more games
I want to be, more than friends, but you feel the same
Don't waste no time, with these guys, they don't treat you right
Let me be the one, to show you what, true love is like.

Repeat *#

Waiting for your girl to come let me in, let me in, let me in
Waiting for your girl to come let me in, let me in, let me in

Repeat #

Personal Note: Another good song.... This one was written and produced by Bruno Mars. :D


  1. awesome I wonder how was Vaness able to get these popular singer-songwriters to composed for him? Must be because Universal's an international company. But Bruno Mars is under Atlantic Records part of Warner Music O.o

  2. To sport3888:

    Don't know, but like how Taiwanese artistes are collaborating with American artistes. :)

  3. same here is this the first time there's collaboration between TW and US artistes? It's too bad the song can't be plugged in US. I also liked how Eric Suen collaborated with Babyface's nephew Jason Edmonds for his song Here I Go though I thought Eric's english pronunciation could've been better there's no accent but it's not clear enough in some parts for the English Version.

  4. To sport3888:

    Will Pan also previously worked with Akon on "Be with You".

    Liked the melody of "Here I Go", but the English lyrics weren't good, and Eric's pronunciation definitely could have been better.

  5. but Will's Be With You was already sang by Akon and he only added his own rap in the song for the Mandarin version. I wonder if Will and Vanness actually went to US to record cause that's what Eric did.

  6. on the other hand the songs Vanness sang were brand new songs written by Ryan Tedder and Bruno mars.

  7. To sport3888:

    Think that Will recorded his part in Japan. Not sure about Van Ness though.

  8. Just found out that Vanness Wu knew Bruno Mars' producer Justin Michael for over 10 years. No wonder! And Knockin wasn't the first english song they wrote for him!


  9. Vanness is an american
    No wonder if he can work with Bruno mars....

  10. Leehom is American! Do you see him working with Bruno Mars?