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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Vinegar Lady" Filming Sales Presentation


Ming Pao Clip


Myolie Wu, Koni Lui, and Derek Kwok were in Wun Chuen Sin Koon, Ping Che, filming a Sales Presentation for TVB's ancient lighthearted comedy "Vinegar Lady". Myolie had a gentle ancient look, but was good at fighting. Standing on a wooden crate and throwing copper mallets, she jumped toward Koni and Derek, causing the two, who harmed others, to harm themselves in the end, getting bloated lips from being poisoned. Although Myolie was in ancient gear, it was no problem doing four consecutive jumps, safely completing filming.

This year, Myolie is filming two series for the Sales Presentation; the other series is "Walk with You", a collaboration with Moses Chan. She revealed that "Vinegar" will begin filming in November. Her partners are Ron Ng, Him Law, Gigi Wong, Eliza Sam, etc. Initially, Myolie and Him are a couple. In the end, Ron is her true love. Would there be many action scenes? She expressed, "Should not have to film fight scenes. This day, what was filmed was just a fantasy, saying that I had to take on some people in the series. (Was not worried about getting injured like Joe Ma and Linda Chung?) No one can predict accidents. The company is considered safe...good compared to Mainland. This time, it was very simple. If get injured, would be my own problem. Truthfully, I want to film fighting...really want to be able to do a Madam role".

*Credits to singpao, mingpao, and Weibo

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