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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Joey Meng Films First MV for Louis Cheung



The other day, singer Louis Cheung filmed an MV for his new song, 《離人淚》, and invited Joey Meng, whom he became friends with because of filming series, to be the female lead. Louis said, "I know she is very busy. When I asked her, she immediately agreed to it...even had to film the entire night". To accommodate the MV, the staff members found a vintage clothing shop to lend an embroidered dress for Joey to wear. Louis also wore Italian handmade leather shoes, in which there are only 160 in Hong Kong.

The male and female leads in the MV's story are people from the '20s; thus, Louis and Joey had to be very reserved when performing the romantic scenes. The hand-holding was not overdone, and the hand-holding shot was even filmed scene by scene in slow motion. However, the two professionals did it in one take. Joey, who filmed her first MV for Louis, said, "It's only my first time filming an MV. The process was very happy. Hope to have more opportunities in the future".

Personal Note: Looking forward to the MV!

*Credits to the-sun

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