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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eliza Sam Immediately Calls Police When Being Followed


ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip


'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam and former Mr. Hong Kong William Chak attended a 'F&H by FANCL' event, where they demonstrated boxing and breaking boards on the spot. When asked whether she regularly boxes, Eliza said, "Have a little experience...learned a little bit. Learned kung fu at the age of 14 or 15, and took many beginner's karate classes in university while in Japan...even received an 'A' back then! (Tried fighting guys before?) Have tried fighting guys and girls before, but beginners usually tie".

She also praised William in "Sniper Standoff" for fighting very well, and pointed out that he had learned taekwondo when studying abroad in Korea and has a black belt.

William Chak Admits Being Afraid of Getting Involved

When asked whether she would like guys who know kung fu, Eliza said, "Doesn't have to know how, but knowing would be better! However, I think that girls should know a little bit to protect themselves. When catching a cab after getting off late, and if you're in a dangerous situation, it can give you confidence. (Encountered danger before?) When overseas, a friend and I had experienced being followed. We wanted to avoid it at first, and didn't want to do anything just yet, but eventually called the police...would be less scared when going to the police station".

William laughingly said the benefits of knowing kung fu: "When going out and shopping with girls, and helping them hold things, would be less likely to sprain yourself. (Have you stood up for a girl before?) No, because afraid of getting involved".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... The on.cc article quoted Eliza saying that she had taken beginner's 'Pilates', and even explained what it was! :P

*Credits to the-sun and appledaily

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