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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Eye in the Sky" Filming Sales Presentation


ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ruco Chan Denies Sparking with Ankie Beilke

Artiste Ruco Chan took part in Sales Presentation filming, revealing that he will play a computer programmer in the series "Eye in the Sky". There was even a terrifying scene! When discussing his rumours with Ankie Beilke, he dismissed them with a laugh, expressing that the majority of the cast members are already married; perhaps it was because of this that he became the target of having rumours. He also said that he got to know Ankie from filming series...both are friends! He also revealed that, when he dates some day, he would publicly reveal it...would not deny or avoid it.

Kenny Wong Hopes to Have Three Series Next Year

Artiste Kenny Wong filmed a Sales Presentation for the series "Eye in the Sky", revealing that he may film three series, able to portray a good guy and a bad guy! He also expressed that he still has a period of time in his contract with TVB.

Fred Cheng Denies Turning Down Series Because of Getting Promoted

Artiste Fred Cheng filmed a Sales Presentation for the series "Eye in the Sky", frankly saying that it was his first time taking part in the Sales Presentation. He, who has been busy doing shows and commercial performances recently, expressed hoping to be able to film more series in the coming year!

"The Voice of the Stars" will have its final on the weekend. Fred expressed having confidence and being nervous toward the competition. Up to now, he thinks highly of Corinna Chamberlain and Ronald Law, and also said that Hoffman Cheng has a lot of stage experience...must learn a lot.

In the new series "Midas", Fred was supposed to portray the role of a chef; however, allegedly, because TVB wants to promote Fred to be a singer, Fred was taken out at the last minute in fear of affecting his image. Fred said that, because he had to take part in events and commercial performances, there was a schedule clash with the series, and thus had to turn down the series; it was not to protect his image.

TVB was in Nanking Street, Jordan, filming a Sales Presentation for the series "Eye in the Sky". That day, the storyline was about Tony Hung, who is a cop, bringing along subordinate Fred Cheng and successfully solving a case. A few masked criminals were also caught, but Tony was then shot and killed by killer Tavia Yeung, who was waiting on a rooftop earlier. After shooting and killing Tony on a rooftop, Tavia, wearing black gloves, left.

*Credits to the-sun and next

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