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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Battle of Tomorrow" Filming Sales Presentation



Pearl Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Lawrence Ng and Kate Tsui were at the Correctional Services Department Staff Training Institute (CSDSTI) in Stanley filming a Sales Presentation clip for the new series "Battle of Tomorrow". The two wore Correctional Services staff uniforms. In front of the camera, Kate said to Lawrence, "Since we love each other, what does it matter to other people?" Lawrence responded, "Love has never been the matter of two people". The two will be portraying a father-daughter romance with a 20-year age difference. When Kate was still a baby, Lawrence held her before. She was forcing Lawrence to admit that he had feelings for her, but Lawrence could not pass his psychological barrier, and so refused to confess his love.

Kate Tsui Has No Confidence to Fight for 'TV Queen'

Kate Tsui and Lawrence Ng were in Chai Wan filming a Sales Presentation for the series "Battle of Tomorrow". The storyline was about the two of them being colleagues, almost developing an age-difference romance, but Lawrence could not accept it. Originally, the two had to film a scene about getting hit by a car, but a dummy was used in the end.

Kate said that she and Lawrence have a 20-year age difference in the series. When asked whether she minded an age-difference romance in real life, she said, "I like one who is older than I am. Within 15 years, I can also accept it. Being able to communicate is the most important". Lawrence said that "Battle" and another Mainland series have a schedule clash...now adjusting the schedule...have not signed a contract for both series yet. When mentioning this year's battle for 'TV King' and 'TV Queen', Lawrence said that his starring series, "The Hippocratic Crush II", is airing next month, but his screen time is not much...must look at luck to fight for 'TV King'. Kate said that she does not have confidence because her role in "Bounty Lady" belongs to humour...afraid of it being difficult for viewers to accept.

Jacqueline Wong Wearing Uniform

Jacqueline Wong, Candice Chiu, Matthew Ko, Jonathan Wong, etc. were at the CSDSTI in Stanley filming a Sales Presentation for "Battle of Tomorrow", a collaboration with the Correctional Services Department. Jacqueline said, "Will be the male lead's younger sister in the series...a refined and well-behaved younger sister who does not care about her brother's objection, and goes to try to become an assistant officer. Greatly looking forward to filming my first real series". Jacqueline, who will be wearing a uniform, laughingly said, "If there is a need to exercise for the role, also not afraid of it being labourious...only afraid of not being able to do it!"

Kate Tsui 'Sparking' with Lawrence Ng

"Battle of Tomorrow" will start filming in January, and it will consist of 20 episodes. The theme is a story about the major criminals the Correctional Services staff faces every day. The storyline will have the real-life cases of major criminals. The cast includes Lawrence Ng, Kate Tsui, Kenny Wong, Matthew Ko, etc. Vincent Wong, Pal Sinn, and Joyce Tang portray criminals. Jacqueline Wong and Candice Chiu portray Correctional Services staff members.

Kate, Lawrence, Vincent, Kenny, Jacqueline, etc. went to Stanley and the Lo Wu Correctional Institution to film a Sales Presentation. Lam Chi Wah said that the series will use the real setting as a selling point. In the series, Kate will have a romantic storyline with Lawrence, and there will even be a kiss scene. Lam Chi Wah also said, "In the series, Lawrence is ten-plus years older than Kate. When Kate was born, Lawrence even held her before. Kate treats him as an uncle. Afterward, they slowly become a couple. Kate also gets stabbed for Lawrence".

Joyce's story is about her raising her son in the women's prison. Vincent, who was originally a Correctional Services staff member in the series, ends up going to prison because of committing a crime.

Personal Note: The genre of this series is similar to "Time Off", which was not a great series.

*Credits to appledaily, singtao, and the-sun

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