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Friday, October 4, 2013

"After That" - Hubert Wu

然後 - 胡鴻鈞

作曲: 鍾嘉欣
填詞: 劉卓輝
編曲: 杜自持
監製: 何哲圖/杜自持

再見之後 然後獨自望著背後
又再次感受 長路漫漫游走

#這段情歲月悠 想起你心傷透 經過仲夏與晚秋
難過會熱情再回頭 將一切都補救 不要讓我隨意放手

*情願再次挽留 和你再次遠遊 築起一段成就
如淚眼角倒流 如罪蓋過了愁 幾多追憶在承受
然後獨自內心顫抖 然後說了最後不管以後
人在世界裡頭 幾多相識是懷舊

愛上之後 然後但願就是最後
但往往荒謬 路途盡是缺口

Repeat #**

人在世界裡頭 今天相識是懷舊

J2 Clip (100513)

Personal Note: The first time Linda composed a song for someone else! It sounds quite good...a good '90s feel! :)


  1. woahhh!! linda composed the song?! that is awesome!

    1. To Rachel:

      Was also quite surprised that Linda was the one who composed it.

  2. Same here! Woah. I didn't expect Linda was the one who composed this song. Coincidentally, I first listened to this song yesterday and liked it, then I saw this post today.

    It would be nice to hear a Linda version too. What other songs have Linda composed?

    1. To turtle88:

      A number of Linda's compositions have made it onto her albums, but this is the first time another artiste is singing her composition.

  3. Thanks. I see. After looking it up, I'm surprised to see Linda composed so many songs, at least 1 or 2 in each of her albums.

    But I think I like this song the most out of her compositions because the other ones didn't stand out when I listened to them in past (now that I know which ones were composed by her).