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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"The Apostle" Filming Sales Presentation



Pearl Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Raymond Lam was in Tseung Kwan O filming a Sales Presentation for the new series "The Apostle". His character is similar to Andy Lau in the movie "Infernal Affairs", playing an undercover cop with a triads background. He said that the storyline has triads and cops, as well as law and the ICAC. He and ten-plus SDU members were filming an explosive scene, with an entire car flying up from the explosion. He heroically rescued female lead Charmaine Sheh (Charmaine did not appear; Kirby Lau was her double).

Originally, Tony Leung Ka Fai would be taking part in this series; however, he pulled out due to fracturing his ribs while filming a movie. Raymond feels that it is unfortunate that he is not able to collaborate with Tony, since he is a senior he likes...hope that there is an opportunity in the future. Also very happy to collaborate with Michael Miu and Charmaine this time because everyone has a lot of chemistry.

No Additional Screen Time for Michael Miu and Charmaine Sheh

On the night of the 10th, Michael Miu, Sharon Chan, and KK Cheung were filming a Sales Presentation for TVB's new series "The Apostle". The scene was about Michael and KK, who respectively play a cop and an ICAC, arresting each other. Sharon, who portrays a member of the ICAC, said that she may portray a couple with Sammy Leung again, but also hopes to portray a couple with Michael.

Michael, who portrays a CID, is collaborating with Sharon and Charmaine Sheh for the first time...does not know whom he has a romantic storyline with yet. Regarding it being rumoured that his and Charmaine's screen time would be increased as a result of Tony Leung pulling out, Michael expressed not knowing whether it was true because the script is still being written. He revealed that the entire series is expected to have 30 episodes.

Producer Man Wai Hung revealed that the series revolves around the battle among the police, the ICAC, triads, and the political world, even causing the identities of 3,000 undercover officers to be revealed. When asked whether he was worried about it being said that it is plagiarizing the movie "Cold War", he said that both are very different. When mentioning Tony pulling out, Man Wai Hung said, "Not a big effect. Tony already did his best to notify earlier. Now, the entire story is being rewritten. Everyone's screen time has not been added or reduced". Regarding whether the original script would be kept to leave it until Tony is free so that it could film again, Man Wai Hung expressed that it would be left to the company to decide.

*Credits to appledaily, the-sun, mingpao, and singtao


  1. raymond's look and him filming a police drama reminds me of Highs and Lows......haha

  2. Ooo, can't wait to watch this- looking forward to the cast!

  3. KTVB Will kevin cheng be n this seire? I would like to see Kevin cheng and charmaine sheh as a couple in this serie. Please ask Kevin cheng to film this serie with Charmaine sheh

    1. To TT:

      This series is filming in January. Kevin Cheng said that he would be returning in the second half of next year.

    2. hyn5

      Okay thanks. Do you know if kevin cheng and charmaine sheh will film any action, crime or romance dramas next year? I hope they do.

  4. I love kevin cheng and charmaine sheh very2 mych!!