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- TVB Announces New Calculation Method for Ratings
- "The Forgotten Valley" Opening Theme Video
- "Come with Me" Week 5: averaged 18.3 points.
- "Heart and Greed" Week 6: averaged 25 points, peaked at 26.5 points.
- "My Ages Apart" Week 9: averaged 26.1 points, peaked at 27.5 points.
- "The Forgotten Valley" Theme Song
- "Lo and Behold" Theme Song (Full Version)
- "My Ages Apart" Special
- Charmaine Sheh Guest Stars in "My Ages Apart" Finale
- "Infernal Affairs" Promotional Clips 1-2

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Gigi Leung on "Telling Maria II"

Part 1a

Part 1b

Part 2a

Part 2b

Lai Chi San on "The Green Room"


  1. hi in the 'green room segment' near the end (around 14-15min mark) they talked about a person lai chi san mentioned in the award speech does anyone know who it is? supposedly this person is in 'come home love"

    1. Max Cheung Tat Lun plays Richard Yim Kan in "Come Home Love".