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Thursday, October 31, 2013

"The Hippocratic Crush II" Promotional Event 1



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

Lawrence Ng Supports TVB Series as Having Quality

Artiste Lawrence Ng attended a press conference for the new series "The Hippocratic Crush II". When it was discussed that there was a chance to compete for TV king this year, he laughingly said that he hopes to have cash more. Regarding the entire city turning off their TV yesterday, he expressed that the matter is the government's issue...not related to TVB. He also pointed out that TVB's productions all these years have quality. He also pointed out that ATV also previously produced high-quality series, such as "The Men of Justice", but the ratings were on the low side, mainly because viewers are used to watching TVB. Thus, he thinks that, even if a license were issued to HKTV, the outcome may also be the same.

Tavia Yeung Denies Leaving the Company: TVB Is First Choice

Artiste Kenneth Ma attended a press conference for the new series "The Hippocratic Crush II". When asked about it being rumoured that Moses Chan would be leaving TVB, and TVB changing to promote him to rise to a higher position, he laughingly said, "Wasn't it using an award to persuade Moses to stay? Persuade Moses to stay first. After two months, then promote me". He also pointed out that this year's battle for TV king is very intense...already need to be thankful if able to make the top five: "I will work hard promoting...try my best".

Tavia Yeung Hopes to Have Time to Accompany Mom

Tavia, who was at the same event, was asked whether she would follow her manager and leave TVB, she said that her contract with TVB does not end until next year...currently discussing the conditions. She hopes to have even more time to accompany her mother, and to film movies and go to Mainland to work. However, she pointed out that TVB is still her first choice.

『網上隨時ONCALL』第一集問題 ✐「一健頭和魚仔一同慶祝什麼呢?」

*Credits to kennethma.org, tavia.org, tvb.com, the-sun, and tvbartistes

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