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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eliza Sam Does Not Know How to Help Christine Kuo Lose Weight


ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Last night, Eliza Sam attended an event. She expressed that, although it is already autumn, she would still continue to swim to keep fit. When asked whether she would ask Christine Kuo to go swimming together because Christine has been getting fatter despite trying to lose weight, Eliza expressed that everyone has his or her own method; the most important is being happy when doing exercise. When it was mentioned that Christine has not been successful despite trying many methods, Eliza said, "Have to ask Christine. Don't know how to answer for her". Eliza said that she has had to rehearse dancing for a series. Because she does not have much talent in dancing, the company had already arranged a dance teacher to teach her dancing. In addition, she had to film a short clip where she had to dance, so she danced for two days earlier, which caused muscle pain, thereby needing a massage and having to go see the doctor.

Personal Note: Like Eliza's shirt!

*Credits to the-sun, appledaily, and mingpao

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