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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joey Meng Loses Wedding Ring: Husband Gives Another


Ming Pao Clip

Joey Meng lost her wedding ring earlier. In the past, she also lost precious accessories, such as earrings, watches, etc. The wedding ring has commemorative value. Although it is unfortunate, she easily let it go. She said, "These are things. Still have to continue to live. I already tried my best to cherish my wedding ring. Typically, my mother looks after my precious things". Joey said that her husband did not blame her for losing her wedding ring, and also told her to go choose another ring. She said, "I told him to not buy things for me anymore to avoid giving me too much pressure. Actually, my husband, family, and friends being by my side is what's important; thus, I don't feel bad".

Personal Note: Absent-minded Joey! :P

At first glance, thought that Joey cut her hair short!

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao

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