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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Behind the Scenes in Japan: Tavia Yeung Gets Pranked

The cast and crew of "The Rippling Blossom" celebrated Myolie Wu's birthday in Japan. After she had cut the cake, the situation became chaotic. Specifically, Julian Cheung and Tavia Yeung went crazy.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Funny how Myolie and Tavia signalled each other, and went after Michael and Chi Lam. While Chi Lam was resisting Tavia, Myolie got cake on his eyebrows. :D

In reality, Chi Lam and Tavia are the crazy ones, while Michael and Myolie are more reserved (even Myolie said that they were naughty). He he.... :D


  1. Aww, I love this video! Watched it several times cause it's so fun. Julian and Tavia are so playful! Haven't seen Tavia that hyper in a while, she sure can run away. :P I like how Julian hid behind the thing to scare Tavia. And how Myolie and Tavia signaled each other, even though I can't tell how and when. xD And when they huddled together.

  2. To Pearl:

    They signalled during the game that they were supposed to play. Myolie mouthed something to Tavia, they made some eye contact, they both nodded, and then they went after their targets.

  3. LOL! Glad to see the playful side of Chilam. He and Tavia went wild.

  4. lols Chiliam and Tavia are so cute! they are so energetic!! Can't stop smiling through the whole clip xD

  5. ^ Agree with LynneD. Tavia and Chilam seem like fun people to be with.

  6. ahahah tavia and chilam are so funny!! i love them!! i sorta wish they were paired up in rippling blossom and michael was with myolie hahah

  7. Absolutely hilarious! Behind-the-scene clips are always interesting see! Hahaha!

  8. To Rachel:

    It would be interesting to see Michael and Myolie pair up again, as their last pairing was in "At Point Blank", which was ten years ago.

  9. I personally wanted Chilam to pair with Tavia. They only had a brief moment in Shades of Truth.