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Friday, February 11, 2011

Chong Wai Kin's New Series Info


- 30 episodes long.
- The story will revolve around the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB).
- Background: Laughing Gor faked his death, and later went to Mainland as an undercover cop. After solving a big case, he returned to Hong Kong, and became a CIB drill sergeant.
- Michael Tse will play a CIB drill sergeant. He will reprise his role as Laughing Gor. He will battle with Bosco Wong. He will have a romantic storyline with Fala Chen and Kate Tsui.
- Fala will play Michael's girlfriend, whose looks resemble his past girlfriend.
- MC Jin will play a cadet. He is Michael's subordinate.

Personal Note: Don't know what temporary title TVB is currently using, as this series has been referred to as "SLS" and "Laughing Gor".

The storyline sounds like a combination of "The Academy" and "E.U."

In the movie spin-off, "Turning Point", Laughing's first girlfriend was Karen (played by Fala).


  1. Looking forward to this series since Laughing Gor created such a stir in 2009. Hope it wouldn't disappoint! :)

  2. This series is so unnecessary. It does sounds like Academy with the cadets and EU with the criminals. Laughing Gor is stale.

  3. To Selina: If it comes to that then many series are "unnecessary" since many have storylines that have elements from previous series. Might as well say Chilam's character in TRB which you so love is stale as well, since it's definitely been done before, and nothing new to Chilam himself either. From comments seen all over weibo and other forums, there're just as many people anticipating this as people who're against it (just see how even the first reply to this post is from someone who's looking forward to it), so who's to say it's stale and unnecessary or not?

  4. Looking forward to this!

    Too bad Kate can't take part. I wonder if she was supposed to reprise her character as Man Ching from "On the First Beat"? A "sok" version of Man Ching would be interesting to see. ;)

  5. To Selina:

    TVB produces many series that are "unnecessary" (sequels, in particular), such that they end up being done quite poorly. However, in this case, it's different, as it is a spin-off. TVB just wants to continue with the Laughing character.

    To anon:

    Yes, Laughing still has a market. Since Laughing will be a drill sergeant this time, it should be quite different.

    To Guru:

    Guess we'll never know since Kate is no longer taking part....