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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Promotional Clip 5

Bosco Wong: "It's that bad guy Wong Fei Hung...."

Dominic Lam: "You haven't harmed me enough yet, Wong Fei Hung?"

Bosco Wong: "Father!"

Bosco Wong: "[He] broke up my family and killed my family members".

Raymond Wong: "As a member of the martial arts community...."

Raymond Wong: "You are just like the corrupt officials--covering up for each other!"

Raymond Wong: "How can you be considered a hero and a good man?!"

Kenneth Ma: "If he were willing to take me in as his pupil in the first place...."

John Chiang: "Don't call me your master. I don't have the capability to take you in as a pupil".

Kenneth Ma: "I would not have gone down this road of not turning back!"

Raymond Wong: "You were the one who caused the death of his father and mother".

John Chiang: "It's my fault".

Bosco Wong: "Wong Fei Hung, I must kill you!"

Elliot Yue: "I will make it such that you no longer live a good day!"

Kenneth Ma: "Just burn down Po Chi Lam".

Narrator: "'Grace Under Fire'. March 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Dominic's leprosy makeup is quite convincing.

Although the literal translation of this series' Chinese title is "Female Fist", it is evident that this is a male-oriented series, especially since it has a rather strong male cast. Since Liu Xuan is quite well-known in Mainland, it would make sense for TVB to use her name to enter the Mainland market.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. i think it's so funny how bosco was once wong fei hung in that older drama and john chiang was his dad and now here bosco hates wong fei hung and john chiang is wong fei hung lol... quite interesting...hahah

  2. To Rachel:

    It's also funny how their basically romantic rivals in "Grace".

  3. MM's status was so "low" back then. Now his status is basically the same with Bosco. Bosco had a lot of potential back then, but his acting has become very "hea" ever since HOG.

  4. actually I don't think it's Bosco's acting more so because of the characters he's given doesn't give him much to work with besides looking good/cool with action scenes. The last time Bosco had a male lead role was a while ago the one that had Sammul as second lead.

  5. I'm quite disappointed that this is a male oriented series! I was looking forward to its focus on the female lead and how she overcomes those obstacles in pre-modern era! ><" The last series that I remember had something like that was ATV's Good Old Days which focused on Amy Chan strong character.

  6. Kenneth definitely worked his way up. He was always behind in S4. However, his status is comparable to Ron and Bosco now.

    Bosco is always playing second lead now. And his roles aren't even challenging. Hope to see something different soon.

  7. To Guru:

    Bosco is especially weak when it comes to group scenes, as it doesn't seem as though he is fully immersed in those scenes. This was especially evident in "Heart of Greed".

    To sport3888:

    Well, Liu Xuan doesn't have much acting experience, and she doesn't seem to have much acting ability, so it would make sense that she would not have such a great focus in the series.

    To Tracy:

    Actually, aside from Raymond, the other actors in the younger generation have been playing second leads. For example, Ron's roles also don't seem to be very challenging . As for Ma Ming, he seems to be in a better position; although his roles are labelled as the second lead, his screen time is comparable to the first lead, and his roles also have much more to work with.