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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Promotional Clip 1

(Seek the correct path. Mok Gwai Lan.)
Narrator: "Practice martial arts. Seek the correct path from learning martial arts".

Kenneth Ma: "Learn kung fu! Suppress the strong and help the weak!"

Liu Xuan: "Be at ease with each step!"

Jones Lee: "If I tell you to retreat, then retreat!"

Liu Xuan: "Even the president must follow the rules!"

Person: "So gutsy! Hit her!"

"Grace Under Fire". March 7th.

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Personal Note: So reminds me of "A Fistful of Stances"! Even the background music for this clip is similar to the one that was used for those in "Fistful".

Also, Elisa Chan just recorded the theme song of this series. Knew that a powerful female singer would sing this song, but I guessed that it would be Frances Yip, while my sister guessed Jenny Tseng. Miss Chan Chan is a good choice, as she also has strong vocals. Not surprised that she's singing it, since she has been a judge on "The Voice".

Liu Xuan was supposed to do her own dubbing, but her Cantonese is too weak, so they found someone else to do the Cantonese dubbing. Heard that Queena Chan was dubbing for her, but not sure.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Queena Chan would be a great choice for dubbing for Liu Xuan. It would match her.

  2. in certain angles (actually in many angles), liu xuan resembled Tavia Yeung...liu xuan is quite cute too!

  3. i actually would doubt Francis Yip / Jenny Tsang would since the themesong...they are such big singers, probably wont do stuff for TVB. i havent seen them on TVB for a very long time either

    cant wait to hear the themesong though...mrs chan chan XD

  4. This show look quite good. If i didn't remember wrongly, Fala is acting in this too right? :)

  5. this series looks good, I like how it's a female character that's good at fighting there's been too many series where it's a male character that's the focus of fighting. Very refreshing!

  6. It should be a good thing that Liu Xuan is dubbed because it is very difficult for me to understand her Cantonese.

  7. Dubbed is a good thing in her case. Her weak Cantonese might be annoying if not dubbed and with her major screentime it will be a pain listening to her. Thankfully they dubbed her.

    Kenneth and Liu Xuan will have brother and sister relationship. How cute.

  8. What the narrator said sort of implied about Kenneth's character who will turn into the bad path. Why I'm thinking that Kenneth is the secret male lead for this series and Bosco is just a decoration to do the fighting ;)

  9. To JingMui:

    I wouldn't totally rule Jenny Tseng and Frances Yip out, as they were invited to sing the themes of "Whatever It Takes" and "Find the Light" respectively. TVB even got Alan Tam to sing "Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu" and "Real Kung Fu", although these are from a number of years ago. With TVB's current situation, it is indeed much less likely that they would sing themes for TVB.

    To Chocoholic:

    Yes, Fala is also in "Grace". She and Liu Xuan are basically the only actresses with more prominent roles in this series.

  10. The script for this series was just poorly written. Didn't like John's WFH. What a waste for him.