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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Only You" Promotional Clips 1-5

"Only You" Promotional Clip 1
(Love is...not about appearance.)
Stephen Huynh: "I will say this for the last time, you and me will be forever".

Narrator: "Experience a thousand types of love. February 21st. 'Only You'".

"Only You" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "The best wedding expert".

Ella Koon: "Waterloo Road's Only You, right?"

Narrator: "The holy church is used for both weddings and funerals".

Evergreen Mak: "I need my joy of life back!"

Kristal Tin: "I'm always at the shop. Do you think I'm full of joy?!"

Narrator: "Talk about men and women. Their worlds will collide".

Yoyo Mung: "I only want a guy as handsome as Andy Lau and as rich as Lee Chiu Yan".

Kevin Cheng: "Middle-aged Hong Kong girl! Pick her up, and your business will fold".

Narrator: "Actually, love hearts are linked as one".

Kevin Cheng: "No matter what happens, I'll take care of you".

Narrator: "'Only You'. February 21st @ 8:30pm. Experience a thousand types of love".

"Only You" Promotional Clip 3

(Love is...coming and returning.)
Kevin Cheng: "If you like me, then you should insist on not leaving".

Narrator: "Experience a thousand types of love. February 21st. 'Only You'".

"Only You" Promotional Clip 4

(Love is...never calculable.)
Johnson Lee: "I have known so many girls, but you are still the best".

Yoyo Mung: "Trying to get my sympathy, and deceiving my feelings.... Think I'm stupid?!"

Narrator: "Experience a thousand types of love. February 21st. 'Only You'".

"Only You" Promotional Clip 5

(Love is...mutual sacrifice.)
Ella Koon: "You are willing to sacrifice everything for me, but everything is not true!"

Chin Ka Lok: "I'll stop, okay?"

Narrator: "Experience a thousand types of love. February 21st. 'Only You'".

Personal Note: Looking forward to Ella Koon, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, and Elena Kong's stories. :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. ella and chin ka lok's relationship looks like its going to be very cute and funny...really looking forward to their story

    who is ruco going to pair up with?

  2. To jwl:

    Also looking forward to their story...too bad Ma Ming wasn't in that story, as it would be nice to see them reunite. :P

    Ruco is pairing up with Macy Chan.

  3. haha I'm also looking forward to this series due to all the guest stars and diff stories! Plus it has both my fav actress Kristal and fav actor Ruco! Even though I don't like Kevin Cheng His acting hopefully will be bearable in this series.

    Oh just checked wiki this is actually the same Macy that's Eric Suen's gf!

  4. The promotions are very cute!

    Didn't TVB use to make mini romantic love series in the 90s?

  5. oh question the structure of Only You reminds me of Loving You 1 and 2 just that it's a sweeter version of it. Is it produced or written by the same person?

  6. Hmm.... Will this be the extended version of "Dropping By Cloud Nine"? I know "Only You" filmed before it, but gives me that feeling. ;)

  7. haha like everyone else, this reminds me of Loving You. Except I think Only you seems to only be about like romance specifically while Loving You covered various types of relationships

    I can't wait to see the one with Ella & Chin Ka Lok...haha looks so cute!!

    and i think the one with "Siu Yee" will be a touching one , if TVB does it right :D

  8. To sport3888:

    Yes, Macy Chan is Eric's girlfriend. Is there another Macy Chan?

    To Tracy:

    Don't remember TVB making series in the format of short stories in the '90s. The closest would be "The Threat of Love" installments (done post-millennium), which covered different types of relationships.

    To sport3888:

    "The Threat of Love" and "Only You" are done by different producers and scriptwriters.

    To Guru:

    The promo clips of "Only You" do give off a similar feeling.

    To JingMui:

    Like Kitty Yuen, but don't have confidence in Stephen Huynh.