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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kenneth Ma Painstakingly Waits Ten Years for Selena Li


Steven Ma knew about Kenneth Ma and Selena Li's upcoming birthdays, so he give them gifts--really very considerate.

After the TVB series "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City" finished filming on the 29th, the lead, Steven Ma, held a barbecue as an appreciation dinner. Steven expressed that he will rest for eight days after appearing at TVB's Chinese New Year programme. After that, he will host the TVB programme "Book of Words", and in April, he will release a book, go to Mainland to film a series, and film commercials.

Steven Ma Gives Gifts to Birthday Boy and Girl

Cast members Kenneth Ma and Selena Li have upcoming birthdays, so Steven gave them a key bag and a crystal bag respectively. Kenneth revealed that he frequently forgets to bring his keys; therefore, Steven's key bag is a good reminder. Kenneth expressed that he has played good characters in the past. He has taken on villain characters in his series that are releasing soon, so he hopes to have a breakthrough in his acting. As for Selena's wish, she hopes for health. She revealed that filming series in the past year caused her liver to swell. Thus, does she want a lover? She admits that she enjoys the feeling of being pursued, but she does not want to date right now. Kenneth laughingly said that he has waited ten years for Selena with no success, so he has to pursue his other female co-star, Natalie Tong, instead.

Changes Target to Pursue Natalie Tong Instead

Natalie is still single after her breakup with Amigo Choi. With regard to Kenneth expressing his desire to pursue her, she laughingly said, "Even if someone else wants me, I also have the right to choose whether I want him".

Kenneth Ma Does Not Pursue Selena Li, Pursues Natalie Tong Instead

Natalie Tong laughingly said that, if Kenneth Ma were to ask her to go to the flower market, she would definitely consider it.

Last night, Steven Ma treated Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, and the rest of the cast and crew of "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City" to a barbecue. He also give a key bag and a crystal wallet to birthday boy Kenneth and birthday girl Selena respectively. He revealed that he will film a commercial after releasing his book in April. In the new year, he will be playing mahjong with his friends; he admitted to being a sucker.

As for birthday girl Selena's wish, she hopes for health because a Chinese doctor said that her coughing has caused her liver to swell. Reporters suggested for her to find someone to care of her so that she does not have to work so hard. She laughingly said, "Tell Kenneth to pursue then!" Kenneth refuted, "She rejected me for ten years! (Pursue Natalie?) Consider it". Natalie said, "Well, thanks! I had to put up with him for two series, and there was no good ending, but he is okay". Kenneth also revealed that his mother bought peach blossoms for him, but he admitted to walking in the wrong direction.

Steven Ma Expects to Be a Sucker During His Break

Steven Ma and Kenneth Ma pretend to kiss birthday girl Selena Li.

Steven Ma's new series "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City" finished filming the night before. Last night, he treated the cast and crew to a barbecue. Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, etc. were in attendance. Kenneth and Selena both have birthdays in February, so Steven gave them gifts, and everyone exchanged gifts. Steven was also able to make the producer and a number of the actors sponsor money prizes for a draw estimating at five figures.

Steven will be having a reunion dinner with his family tonight, and he has an eight-day holiday this year. Apart from hosting TVB's Chinese New Year programme with Liza Wang, he will use the remainder of his time to rest. Because this series had many action scenes, it was very tiring, and there was not much time to see his family and friends. Thus, during his new year break, he will play mahjong with his friends. He laughingly said, "I am known to be a sucker, so friends like to ask me to play mahjong with them. (Will you get married this year?) When it is the time to get married, I will definitely tell everyone. Right now, want to keep it a mystery". He also said that his schedule is already full. After the new year, he will be hosting "Book of Words", and he will be releasing a book in April; he also has Mainland jobs and a big commercial. As for the details, he has to wait for the commercial sponsor to make an announcement. Previously, he revealed that he would have a female co-host, but the producer wants him to host alone to avoid the trouble of dividing up work. He would also not have as much pressure hosting alone, as he has confidence in words.

Selena's birthday is on February 12th, while Kenneth's is on the 13th. As for their birthday wish, they both hope for health. With regard to his first birthday gift being from a guy this year, Kenneth was not disappointed, and he also highly praised the key bag as being practical. Because Selena's liver is swollen, she is still using Chinese medicine to help her recuperate. Reporters told her to hurry to get married, so she would not have to suffer anymore. She immediately laughingly said, "Perhaps tell Kenneth to pursue me!" Kenneth immediately laughingly said that she has already rejected him for ten years. Reporters told him to pursue Natalie instead. He laughingly said, "Everyone can be considered, but whether she wants [me] is another matter".

He laughingly said again that his mother bought peach blossoms for him, so he has been walking around them every day. Reporters pointed out that you must follow the right direction when walking around peach blossoms. He immediately said, "Was I walking in the wrong direction before?" Selena then mischievously said, "Sometimes [you] walked in the right direction (referencing to his rumours with Nancy Wu)". Natalie also thinks that Kenneth is okay, and she also wants to go to the flower market this year. Reporters told her that she can ask Kenneth to go with her. She immediately said, "For these things, it's best to have someone ask you. I would not take the initiative, but if he were to ask me, I would consider it".

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Personal Note: The previous article that I translated was rather difficult to understand, as much of the detail was omitted.

Ha ha.... Ma Ming hasn't even known Selena for ten years! :D

He he.... Steven got them a key bag and a crystal wallet. :)

Funny how Natalie said that she had to put up with Ma Ming for two series. :P

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, and takungpao

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