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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Only You" Promotional Clip 11

(Love is...not worrying about defects.)
Lam King Kong: "Blind guy, you think that she really likes you?! She only did it for a one-way permit--the Right of Abode!"

Narrator: "Experience a thousand types of love. Monday @ 8:30pm. 'Only You'".

Personal Note: Looking forward to this particular story. :)

There should be at least two more ten-second clips, as they haven't featured Elaine Yiu and Lai Lok Yi's story, as well as the one with Louise Lee and Lau Dan.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Really liking the promo clips they're releasing for Only You. A lot of different relationships portrayed! Though I'm a fatigued by seeing Raymond Wong again and again..Elena & Raymond seem really fresh and the story should be touching!

  2. I didn't know Raymond Wong guest-starred in Only You. Interesting story, but the audience might be sick of him. =/

  3. To Michelle & Tracy:

    Yes, Raymond Wong's series have basically been releasing non-stop; however, he should only be appearing for an episode or two. He also has a guest role in "Female Fist", which will be airing in March.

  4. yes Raymond Wong' series has been releasing nonstop but I'm not sick of him yet cause everyone role is completely different in personality, relationship, and environment. So far from all the promos I think RaymondxElena's story looks the most touching. Ella and ChinKalok's story looks lighthearted and cute/funny =) while Ruco's also looks quite intense with the gunshot scenes but a bit similar to his situation in EveryMove especially the beatup/rugged look.

  5. It's good that Raymond Wong has been given a range of characters to portray in his series. There's always room for improvement.

    He's also in Female Fist? Isn't Ruco also a guest-star? Raymond and Ruco are always guest-starring together. =P

  6. I wonder why that's the case, they've been in the same series several times already. Do you have the same manager or something? O.o or is it cause they're used by the same production crew? yup Ruco will have some fight scenes in Female Fist so I'm looking forward to it cause he learned a few years of martial arts and also was in a few 90s mainland action movies! I watch his supporting role along side Donnie Yen in Shanghai Affair(新唐山大兄) and his male lead role in 我的爱对你说 (My Love Say To You) both required alot of serious fighting scenes.

  7. To Tracy:

    Yes, Raymond Wong plays Wong Fei Hung's second son, but he only appears for six episodes.

    Yes, Ruco also has a small role in "Female Fist", as he has a fight scene with the younger version of Wong Fei Hung (played by Eric Li).

    To sport3888:

    They're used by the same production crew.

  8. wow Eric Li again?! he's been in same series as Ray and Ruco as well =O