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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Promotional Clip 4

(Long for true love. Kwai Fa.)
Narrator: "Tricks of flattery. Long for the care of true love".

Fala Chen: "What do women long for?"

Fala Chen: "Hi, boss".

Fala Chen: "They long for a good man and a good husband".

Kenneth Ma: "Yesterday, she was snatching someone's husband, and she's marrying an old man today?"

Fala Chen: "I want to find a wealthy husband to take care of me".

"Grace Under Fire". March 7th.

Personal Note: Reminds me of Ngan Ping.... :P

The scenes that were featured in this clip seem should be from the earliest part of the series, as Ma Ming's character doesn't even like Fala yet.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Yes, similar to Ngan Ping. I originally thought Fala plays a rich girl in here. I guess not.

    Looking forward to see Kenneth and Fala again. :)

  2. To Tracy:

    At the fitting, Fala had a wealthy look because that's the look she has when she gets married. Her husband should be Edwin Siu.

  3. Kenneth is in most clips! He seems like the lead lol

    Kenneth and Fala will have great chemistry. Looking forward for their second time pairing :)

  4. Married? I guess there will be less romantic scenes then?

  5. Looking forward to Fala and Kenneth scenes! Love them! :)