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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kenneth Ma & Sarah Song @ DSC Event


"Scoop" Clip


Praised by Sarah Song as Being Industry's Good Guy: Kenneth Ma Says That He Is Frequently Rejected

Kenneth Ma: "She's just being polite by saying that. It'd be good if I were a good guy. Sarah isn't even interested in me".

Sarah Song: "No, there are many times when the girls, for example, are doing dance rehearsals or waiting to film their scenes, and we would also chat. Many girls think that Kenneth is a good guy, saying that you are very well-behaved. I don't know about this, but I have to reveal a little bit to him today".

Kenneth Ma: "But I don't know why I eat so many lemons (i.e., get rejected so much)".

Interviewer: "Who gives you lemons?"

Kenneth Ma: "Many.... Many.... Have basically been given lemons by all of those whom I have filmed series with".

Sarah Song: "Be careful of hyperacidity".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, that's why I recently do not dare to eat again".

Strenuous Work for Kenneth Ma and Sarah Song: Unable to Take Some Time to Travel

Kenneth Ma: "Should not be travelling in the short run, but will try to get some time to sleep".

Sarah Song: "He tells us that he won't, but he may have gone without us knowing".

Kenneth Ma: "You don't even know the notices now; you would not dare to travel".

Interviewer: "Really?"

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, they are quite scattered, because I.... The scenes are very scattered, such that the locations are very scattered, so it's very difficult to get away".

Interview: "What about Sarah? Do you have plans to travel?"

Sarah Song: "No, I am doing 'Scoop' regularly, so there's no time to travel".

Personal Note: He he.... Wonder who has been singing Ma Ming's praises.... :)

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