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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" TVBI Trailer



Kevin Cheng: "I'm Law Lik A--LA Law".

Kevin Cheng: "You said that your boss told you to kill the female victim".

Chan Wing Chun: "I don't know anything! I don't know anything!"

Myolie Wu: "As long as I win this case, I don't have to do anything, and the cases will naturally come to me".

Mandy Wong: "But first, you must closely follow the construction worker".

Myolie Wu: "My innocent client is waiting for your statement to give him back a sense of release".

Kevin Cheng: "There's a homicide case. They're asking for our help".

Kevin Cheng: "How did your sister die?"

Stephen Wong: "It was an accident".

Joseph Yeung: "The prosecution has great suspicions about the content of this fragment".

Myolie Wu: "Is the prosecuting party hinting that I have fabricated evidence in order to win this case?"

Lee Fung: "Lai...."

Kevin Cheng: "You're not saying that the police intend to do a cover-up because they know that a former high-ranking official is involved, are you?"

Sam Lee: "So that means it's your papa!"

Sam Lee: "Clear injustice! Give me the truth!"

Jazz Lam: "Have you ever considered me to be your brother?! My papa is a justice. He is justice. If he says he didn't do it, then he didn't do it!"

Kevin Cheng: "You killed him, didn't you?!"

Kwok Fung: "I didn't kill Lai".

Myolie Wu: "The reason he had to lie was to cover up the fact that he killed someone!"

Kevin Cheng: "Well, Ho Tai Keung should take responsibility for his own crime, but if we have him take sole responsibility when everyone had a part in beating him to death, then he will be charged with murder!"

Myolie Wu: "Why do you have to make them suffer with Ho Tai Keung?!"

Kevin Cheng: "Who is worth saving and not worth saving is not up to you!"

Kevin Cheng: "Don't let me prove that you have been lying!"

Myolie Wu: "It is Barrister Law who has framed my client".

Narrator: "Grassroots, flip-flop wearing barrister meets feisty, ambitious female lawyer. Righteousness and intensity. 'Ghetto Justice'".

Personal Note: Very suspenseful....

He he.... LA Law sounds like MK Sun! :P

This clip is similar to the Sales clip of "The Truth". Since Tong Kei Ming has retired, this may be a reason why they chose to feature "The Truth" instead of "Ghetto".

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org


  1. is this going to be aired anytime soon?

  2. Surprised that the trailer doesn't feature more of Sharon/Sam, considering Sharon has what was considered a very outstanding role - playing a prostitute and Sam doesn't film series.

  3. To Anonymous:

    There's no scheduled airing date yet.

    To Michelle:

    Well, Sharon's role doesn't really have much to do with the overall storyline, as the series is about how lawyers, social workers, and cops work together to help disadvantaged social groups.

    As for Sam, he doesn't have a contract with TVB, so not surprised that he wasn't featured much.

  4. I didn't expect much from this series, but the trailer was very interesting. I'm looking forward to see this series now. Myolie is definitely making a comeback in 2011. Kevin's role is different this time. The pairings are refreshing.

  5. oh wow, myolie & kevin are carrying this drama by themselves pretty much??

    well it does look good since it's a law drama..and well lots of really twisted, murderous cases...

    i wonder why they have "Ghetto" in the name...??

  6. To JingMui:

    This series is about how lawyers, social workers, and cops work together to help disadvantaged social groups in Sham Shui Po. "Ghetto" may be used to refer to these disadvantaged social groups. Since Kevin Cheng is a grassroots character, and Myolie's character comes from the lower class, so "ghetto" has some relation to their characters as well.