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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Special Duties Unit" Outdoor Filming




Kenneth Ma's Birthday Wishes to Have Flat, Car, and Girlfriend


TVBE Clip: Kenneth Ma (Cut Version)

Kenneth Ma was filming "Special Duties Unit" on his 37th birthday. When asked about his birthday wish, Kenneth frankly said that he hopes for a flat, a car, and a girlfriend. When asked if his friends have introduced a girlfriend to him, he said, "No, if there were any, they would want them first. (Want a girlfriend?) Find a flat first. Otherwise, don't know where to go to have a secret affair".

Kenneth Ma: Golden House to Hide Mistress

Kenneth Ma's birthday wishes are to have a flat, a car, and a woman.

Kenneth Ma was filming "Special Duties Unit" near Cyberport. When talking about his birthday wish, the 37 year-old said, "The prices for flats are very expensive! [I am] saving up to buy a flat. Every year, my birthday wishes are the same--to have a flat, a girl, and a car. With a flat, [you] will naturally have a girl. Otherwise, where else would you have a secret affair and hide a mistress!"

Kenneth Ma's big thief costume is extremely outstanding.

Joe Ma gives off a warm and close feeling while wearing the SDU uniform.

Jessica Hsuan plays a Senior Inspector of Police.

Jessica Hsuan's Boyfriend Lacks Romance

Jessica Hsuan has already prepared a practical Valentine's Day gift for her boyfriend.

Jessica Hsuan was filming "Special Duties Unit" near Cyberport. As for the rumours about Charmaine Sheh leaving TVB after her contract ends, she said, "Everyone's situation is different. Some would like to try to film movies. I like to film series. A group of people getting along for a few months gives a stable feeling". When talking about Valentine's Day, she complained that her boyfriend is not romantic enough. She said, "I have mentioned to him that Valentine's Day is coming up, but he would ask me a rhetorical question, asking if Valentine's Day falls on the same day every year. Perhaps, they don't celebrate Valentine's Day in his home country of South Africa!"

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma filming in the new series together.

Birthday boy Kenneth Ma (on the right) plays a big thief.

From the name "Special Duties Unit", you can tell that the series is very explosive.

Personal Note: Ma Ming's answer about having a secret affair is funny! :D He also had the same wishes when he went on "Fan and Kam" with Fala. :P

He he.... Jessica's boyfriend, Ruan, should be a romantic; otherwise, he wouldn't have bought her 1,000 red roses for her birthday last year. ;)

Otto Chan, JJ Jia, and Kayi Cheung wishing happy birthday to Ma Ming on Weibo! :D


*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, and eli


  1. I really like their thief costumes with the face mask which is really cool, but as an afterthought, the mask is kind of redundant. Considering that in Kenneth's character's case, his tattoo is so outstanding and significant, it probably won't be difficult to catch a thief who has such a unique tattoo

  2. That's funny. They stopped talking about Ma Ming & Nancy as a rumoured couple.

  3. Kenneth looks great! He looks even better now than when he debuted [cute but more handsome now]. If every year his birthday wish is the same...then I hope he gets at least 1 out of 3 this year haha doesn't he already have a car anyway?

  4. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Ma Ming's tattoo is very recognizable.

    To Hi:

    They still mention their rumours, but their names aren't attached to the other's all the time. Their rumours were just mentioned at the completion dinner of "Thunder" (which was at the beginning of the month).

    To whatwhome:

    Yes, Ma Ming does have a car, but he always says that his wishes are the same every year.

  5. Wow, MM looks very "ying"! He is always so friendly toward the reporters. Love his smile! Can't wait to watch the series!

    Clumsy of Jessica to bump into the side mirror when she got out of the vehicle. Hahahaha!

  6. To Guru:

    Although Jessica purposely walked around the side mirror, she still ended up bumping into it. Ha ha! :P

  7. I dropped to the floor laughing! Hahahahah!