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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steven Ma & Fala Chen: Spokespersons for Cite du Louvre



On the day of the photo shoot, the temperature was only 7.7 degrees Celsius, but their professionalism bore through the cold, and they had also changed into many outfits. Fala expressed, "Both of us earned a bit for this wedding ad, so it's big riches for the new year. Also, we were joking throughout the shoot, and we are the only ones who know the meaning of them. During the last photo shoot, I found out that I had a fever, yet it didn't feel labourious. I went home and slept for over ten hours, and it was fine". Steven said, "Actually, the outfits can be very grand. They feel as though they are clothes you'd wear for a stage performance. I didn't want to take it off after putting them on".

Steven expressed that he was the spokesperson of this bridal shop six years ago, but his partner has changed to Fala, so it is more refreshing. He said, "Younger sister and I have filmed in many series together, so we have already had chemistry from early on. That is why we didn't feel any awkwardness, and the outcome of the shoot felt very warm. I'm very satisfied with it".

Steven revealed earlier that he has thoughts about marriage, so Fala seized the opportunity to ask Steven when he was going to get married. Fala laughed, "I heard you talking about marriage; that is why I'm coordinating you by saying this". Steven then joked and asked Fala about her marriage date, but Fala only laughed and did not answer. Steven said, "I'll wait until you get married. Then I will get married. If you marry first, then I will be a brother-in-law, so I will hang a pair of pants by the door, and you will need to go under it in order to be allowed to be married".

Personal Note: Steven is too funny! :D

Also, Steven and Cerina da Graça were spokespersons for Cite du Louvre six years ago. :)

*Credits to singtao, mingpao, hkheadlinedaily, appledaily, takungpao, sina, and 30fen

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