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Sunday, January 20, 2013

'Young Ignorance' Wins Song Award at RTHK




Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, and Bowie Lam received the last 'Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Award'. On the stage, Moses was again teased by the host for his Mandarin, requesting for him to say his acceptance speech in Mandarin. Pretending to use broken Cantonese, he laughingly said, "Actually, my Mandarin is okay!" On the other hand, Bowie 'challenged' the singers below the stage: "We've decided to not act. Joining the music industry. You guys must be more careful". As for Kenny, just like a singer, he thanked the fans for their support.

"Scoop" Clip


ontv Clip

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Sober Band once again! :) "Young Ignorance" is such a well-received song, yet it wasn't even nominated at JSG! o_O

*Credits to Musicfantasy3 and the-sun

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