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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joey Meng Promotes Series: Tells Fans to Not Press Wrong Channel



"Scoop" Clip


Artistes Roger Kwok and Joey Meng rode on a tour bus around Tsim Sha Tsui to promote the new series "Inbound Troubles". Roger pointed out that Joey has gained over ten pounds. If she were to gain five more pounds, she would look exactly like Ma Siu Ling. Joey was excited throughout the entire journey, even saying to passers-by over a microphone, "Don't press the wrong channel, everybody! I went to TVB!"

Joey Meng's Tencent Weibo

Joey Meng's Tencent Weibo

《TVB Weekly》 Cover Shoot @ "Scoop" Clip

《TVB Weekly》 Cover Shoot @ TVBE Clip

Personal Note: Quite funny how Joey made sure to tell everybody to watch TVB! :P

Roger was most likely referring to the 'Ma Siu Ling' from the comic "Oriental Heroes" rather than her character from "My Date with a Vampire".

*Credits to the-sun, tvb.com, and ihktv

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