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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roger Kwok Has Acting Abilities, Not Afraid of Script Changing


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip


Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, etc. were promoting the new series "Inbound Troubles". As for indications of being unsatisfied and at odds with Cho Lam for constantly changing the script, Roger supported Cho Lam and said, "Everybody's screen time is very equal. May Chan and Corinna Chamberlain are newcomers, so their characters must stand out. We rely on acting ability in order for the audience to relate to it. The ratings for the series are good because of the contribution of the entire cast and crew". Joey said, "The good feedback for the series after releasing is expected". (Also expected your schoolgirl look to be praised by viewers as being pure and cute?) Not this one. I also did not really dare to watch it, but a friend called me saying that it was very good. I went online again to use myTV to re-watch that episode". Roger, who was on the side, laughingly said that it had a childhood memories feel: "If you filmed that commercial back then, definitely would have been more popular than that girl".

On the other hand, regarding girlfriend Leanne Lai saying that she would immediately marry if the ratings of "Inbound" reached 50 points, Cho Lam laughingly said that it was impossible: "Fifty points? Then 5,000,000 (actually 3,210,000) viewers would not be going out to watch television. Impossible! Unless there was SARS!"

Reuniting in "Slave for Food"

"Inbounds" producer Wong Wai Sing will also be filming the new series "Slave for Food". He expressed that many actors who took part in "Inbound" will also take on prominent roles in "Food": "Bob Lam and Cho Lam will also film. Linda Chung is taking a two-month break to return to Canada, so found Joey. Ron Ng is also busy, so replaced by Louis Cheung. Previously, Raymond Lam turned down the emperor role...I found Ben Wong as a replacement".

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Personal Note: Fifty points would definitely be very difficult to achieve....

Saw this clip yesterday.... Never expected Cho Lam to have taken a picture with Veronica Yip when he was young.... So funny...at a young age, Cho Lam was already playful! :D

*Credits to the-sun, orientaldaily, ihktv, and Weibo

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