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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 13

Oh Baby writes lyrics to Chi Ching's composition.

Chi Ching and Choi Sam perform Jacky Cheung's "I Am Really Hurt" (我真的受傷了).

FYI: Ivana Wong composed and wrote the lyrics to Jacky Cheung's "I Am Really Hurt" (我真的受傷了).

Personal Note: The made-up lyrics are so funny! :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 13


  1. Like your page!! Hehee~~ cos u hv all the songs name!!! Good for us that dunno Chinese!!!

  2. These are the lyrics in english if you want them just don't know how to translate into english romanized chinese.
    The light is dimmed, the music is soft.
    The cotton candy has melted in my mouth.
    It’s getting gloomy outside.
    I have nothing else to do and have started to think of you.
    The phone rings. You start to talk... You miss me, but your voice sounds so cold.
    You’ve changed…
    Choi Sum
    The phone rings. You start to talk I thought you still had me in your heart
    But your voice sounds so cold, you’ve changed…
    Chi-ching & Choi Sum
    The light has been dimmed, the music has stopped
    Tears can’t stop falling
    The rain is falling, I feel so sad!
    My heart is broken…(x2)