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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kenneth Ma Has Not Heard About Being Promoted



Last night, Kenneth Ma attended a countdown event. When asked about his work plans for the new year, he said, "In the upcoming new year is to still film the sequel of 'The Hippocratic Crush' first! But it will start filming after Chinese New Year, so have had more opportunities recently to attend shows to make money. (Original cast and crew to film the sequel?) Added some people compared to the first installment: Lawrence Ng, Ku Ming Wah, and Eliza Sam". It was mentioned that there were reports the other day saying that Raymond Lam has lost interest and hopes to leave the entertainment industry, and indicating that Virginia Lok is promoting him. In regards to this, Kenneth said, "If Raymond leaves, it would really be a waste. He still has a lot of space. As for promoting me, really never heard about it. Can't really say promoting. The company has four studios...must promote many people in the time coming".

J2 Clip


Sohu Clip

iQIYI Clip


Artistes Jess Shum and Kenneth Ma went to Tsuen Wan to attend a mall event. Kenneth said, "On New Year's Eve, attended a countdown event to welcome the new year. Spent New Year's Day working. (Not making a date with rumoured girlfriend Rebecca Zhu?) The rumours are not true. Also, men have to be more practical. This year, making money is the priority".


Personal Note: Can't wait for "Hippocratic II" to start filming! Only hope that Yat Kin and Yue Jai's screen time would not be reduced.

Like how Ma Ming is becoming more stylish! ;)

*Credits to the-sun, kennethma.org, sohu, iqiyi, gztv, and chaucerz

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  1. Handsome Ma MIng, wish you have a happy 2013!