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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

《On Call 36小時II》 "The Hippocratic Crush II" Costume Fitting Pictures



TVB8 Clip


- 25 episodes long.
- Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will continue to play a married couple. In the beginning, Tavia is already pregnant; they struggle about whether they should keep the baby, since the baby threatens her life. Apart from having to face his wife's relapse, Kenneth's mother also becomes ill, causing his usual calm self to develop anxiety.
- Tavia has switched to the Department of Pathology.
- Lawrence Ng will play Lok Man Sang (洛文笙), a calm and negative higher-ranked pathologist. He studies difficult and complicated cases. His main job is to answer any difficult problems typical doctors encounter. After his wife passed away, their daughter followed aunt Louisa So to live overseas. He is a person with poor sleep. On the surface, he is a modest gentleman and is friendly. When he works, he is calm and serious, but is a tragic character on the inside. His self-protection awareness is strong, and he is a particularly lonely person, which was caused by a trauma he experienced when he was young. He was an orphan. When he was young, he witnessed his parents dying from a fire; thus, he seals his inner world and intentionally keeps a distance from the world, making it difficult to get close to him. He has a gentle and cultivated appearance, but has unbearable pain in his heart. He has many problems, and is basically a schizophrenic patient. He and Ku Ming Wah have a brotherly relationship that stems from when they were young; although they are not biologically related, he is the only person who understands him the most. In the beginning, he is already said to have a terminal illness, so his perspective on life and death is very different from normal people. In the end, he will perform surgery on Kenneth.
- Louisa will play Suen Man Yuet (孫曼月), a writer who gets close to Ku Ming Wah to look for topics. She will have a comedic romantic storyline with Ku Ming Wah. She is Lawrence's sister-in-law; because of misunderstandings, there is animosity between the two.
- Mandy Wong wants to become Kenneth's successor. She will yell at the new housemen, but it is for their own good. She will continue to be with Benjamin Yuen, but there will be a love triangle with Grace Wong. She and Benjamin are like soul mates; in the middle, Grace will enter their relationship, so the two will break up, but they will get back together in the end.
- Him Law is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He will have a romantic storyline with Eliza Sam and Crystal Li.
- Eliza will play Che Hiu Tung (車曉彤), a hospital volunteer who is chronically ill but has a cheerful personality.
- Ku Ming Wah will play David Mo Yung Chung (慕容衝), a leisurely and carefree wealthy person. He comes from a wealthy family. He and Lawrence grew up together; he greatly understands his good friend's personality and thoughts. After meeting with Louisa, he gradually develops admiration for her. Facing the person he likes and his good friend, he becomes the bridge between the two, hoping to resolve any mutual misunderstandings. He is Lawrence's roommate.
- Tracy Chu will play Heung Chin Yi (向芊兒), a medical intern with a stubborn and aggressive personality. She is loyal in love and extremely stubborn in love. Her boyfriend went missing; to take care of the baby her boyfriend left behind, she falls at odds with her parents. Lawrence does not understand her views on love; the two also have different attitudes toward life, but unintentionally influence each other. She frequently gets yelled at by Lawrence. She and Lawrence are initially not a pair. She will have a romantic storyline with Lawrence.
- Raymond Cho will guest-star.
- Ben Wong will guest-star.
- Crystal will play Chung Chi Ting (鍾紫婷), a houseman. She is Him's pupil.
- Cindy Yeung will play Ngai Ka Ka (艾嘉嘉), a houseman.
- Chan Kwong Yiu will play Lee Ka Kuen (李家勛), a houseman.
- Aaryn Cheung will play a houseman.
- Alan Tam will play Ting Chi Kit (丁志傑), a houseman.
- Grace will play Amber.
- June Chan will play a pediatrician.
- Amy Ng will play a nurse.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Tracy's father.
- Sarah Song will guest-star as Lawrence's cousin.
- Jacqueline Wong will guest-star for one or two episodes as a patient.
- Candy Chang guest-starred in two episodes to mainly explain her relationship with Him.

Kenneth Ma's Tencent Weibo

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (041013)

FYI: Candy Chang's character is temporarily arranged to have gone overseas so that she can join the series later.

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Personal Note: Can't wait to see Yat Kin Tau and Yue Jai again! :D

*Credits to appledaily, headlinedaily, tavia.org, tvb.com, Weibo, and Tencent Weibo


  1. I thought Lawrence was reprising his role as Paul from Healing Hands?

    1. To BLing:

      It makes sense that Lawrence wouldn't be reprising his role as Paul Ching, since "Healing Hands" is from Catherine Tsang's side.

  2. Replies
    1. Alan Tam Kwan Lun (譚坤倫) was a contestant on "Kung Fu Supernova". http://artiste.tvb.com/index.php?m=guest&u=alantam_tvb