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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Steven Ma Has Not Decided to Return to Film Series



Artiste Steven Ma attended a traffic safety event. It is said that TVB executive Catherine Tsang is persuading him to return to film a series in May. He admitted that the two of them have been talking, but has not decided yet: "Catherine is my master...first choice would be to talk with master, but have not talked about the contract details. (Will return?) There are many options now. There are people in Hong Kong and in Mainland looking for me to film series". When asked what condition is missing in order for him to return to TVB, he said, "I am not pursuing money...most important are the script and partner. (Who makes you want to return?) Also want to work with Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung".

Personal Note: Steven said that he should have an answer before CNY. If he is indeed returning, his partner would probably be among his three sisters and Sonija. :)

*Credits to the-sun


  1. a bit shock not hearing Steven mentioning Linda.

  2. i'm sure steven has linda in his mind! maybe it just slipped and he forgot to mention it... but he always has his three sisters in mind; if anything, it's probably because he has collaborated with linda 5 times already, but has collaborated relatively less with his other 2 sisters :)

  3. I'm hoping he comes back and pairs up with Tavia because I want them to finally have a happy ending!

    1. ahhhh steven and tavia!!! i really hope to see them together again!

  4. Seriously yes. Steven & Tavia never have a happy ending in any romantic series. Pls give them a good one!!!

    And I think he missed out Linda because they have collaborated too many times if to compare to his other 2 beloved sisters - Fala & Tavia :)