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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Julian Cheung Reveals That Francis Ng Calls Fala Chen 'Godmother'


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Julian Cheung and Fala Chen became friends from filming a series together. The two were also invited to attend last night's countdown event, and could not stop chatting after seeing each other. Julian revealed that he rushed over here to repay Fala because he does not want to owe money in the new year. During location filming in Paris, the two chipped in to buy red wine, with Fala already paying for it. Julian also highly praised Fala for being attentive and considerate, and would take care of the cast and crew. It is no wonder that Francis Ng labelled Fala as 'Godmother'. Julian laughingly said, "We call her 'Godmother' because she often takes care of our daily lives...takes really good care of us, and we also need someone to take care of us, so I think she is our godmother, but she said that we made her old by calling her that". When Fala knew that Julian had revealed this nickname, she pouted and said teasingly, "I am the youngest in the group...can't accept it. I also have a labourious life...only being a maid. (Getting praised for being worth marrying?) Have to ask them". When discussing about last year's development, Fala was satisfied. She also revealed that she has many work plans on hand in the new year.

Personal Note: Funny how Fala got the nickname 'Godmother'! :P

Nice to know that Francis, Chi Lam, and Fala had a great time working on "Triumph II".

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, chilam.cn, appledaily, sina, and sohu

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