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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eliza Sam Gets Attacked by Butterfly



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'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam attended a Macau event as a ribbing cutting guest. During the ribbon cutting, a butterfly flew by and 'attacked' Eliza, which scared her and caused her to jaw-drop! She expressed that she never tried gambling in Macau before, and she also does not like to make money bets. Mainly trying delicious food when going to Macau. When asked whether she was afraid of gaining weight, she laughingly said that she is currently filming "Sniper Attack 2013". Because there is a lot of action scenes, can conveniently keep fit, but carelessly scraped her arm the other day...must rely on long-sleeved shirts to cover it up.

In addition, when it was mentioned that last night's "Inbound Troubles" aired her playing the younger version of Mimi Chu, she laughingly said that Mimi previously played her mother...have great fate, and also laughingly said that they both felt that they resembled each other when seeing each other for the first time.

Charmaine Sheh Wants to Film Series with Dayo Wong

Charmaine Sheh attended a Macau event as a ribbing cutting guest, laughingly saying that it was her first time taking a picture with Eliza Sam. During the ribbon cutting, the two were attacked by the same butterfly. When Charmaine was asked about it being rumoured that TVB is inviting Dayo Wong to film series, using her collaboration with Dayo to entice her to sign a contract, she said that she still has a contract with TVB, but also wants to collaborate with Dayo again. As for Bowie Lam making a jab at TVB for not having enough people, so even singer Ivana Wong is filming series, Charmaine feels that the two don't have any relations because singers filming series can create additional sparks. Back then, she also collaborated with Ekin Cheng.

In addition, when it was mentioned that it is rumoured that Emperor Motion Pictures has invited her to join, she frankly said that there was indirect contact, and also said that she would film if there's a good script...quality over quantity.

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Personal Note: Already thought that Eliza and Mimi looked like each other when they were in "Divas in Distress", but the resemblance was even clearer in "Inbound"!

Charmaine said that she is definitely filming a series for TVB this year, so hope that her new series is confirmed soon.

*Credits to the-sun and sohu

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