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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eliza Sam Building Muscles to Play Madam



ontv Clip


'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam attended a countdown event at Landmark North. She expressed having gained a bigger appetite after returning to Hong Kong from Canada, and also said that her new year wish is to refrain from eating desserts. Eliza revealed that she is currently busy being a 'Flying Tiger' in her new series, so must actively build her muscles and become a serious Madam.

Rebecca Zhu Emphasizes Being Friends with Kenneth Ma

When 'Morning Zhu' Rebecca Zhu attended a countdown event at Landmark North, her rumours with Kenneth Ma were put on the table by the host. Afterward, she laughingly said that she is frequently teased by colleagues, so was already used to it early on. She also said the she is happy to have the new nickname 'Morning Zhu', but expressed being friends with Kenneth. Regarding whether there was a chance for development, she said that she is a newcomer...must focus on work.

Family Does Not Support Linda Chung to Be Strong Woman

Artiste Linda Chung attended a countdown event at Landmark North, welcoming the new year with a large group of fans. Linda expressed that her new year wish is to be able to learn how to balance between her personal life and work, saying that her family does not like her creating a strong woman image. When mentioning that she was carried by Ruco Chan when filming an explosive scene for her new series earlier, she said, "I was afraid that I would be heavy, but Ruco gave me a sense of security...very assured. (Asked rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng?) No. Very busy filming series recently".

Personal Note: Can tell that Eliza has gained a little weight. :P

'Morning Zhu' is indeed a good nickname...cute and easy to remember! :P

Want to see Linda in more strong woman roles! :)

*Credits to the-sun

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