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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wong Cho Lam Becomes Lucky Star: Leading "Slave for Food"


Wong Cho Lam, who has gained more popularity and has become a topic focus recently, along with the high ratings of "Inbound Troubles", have caused him to become the new generation 'Lucky Star'. TVB has decided to let him carry "Slave for Food". Because TVB sees Cho Lam's comedic abilities, will arrange for him to play a humourous imperial chef who is always by the emperor's side. Accordingly, the character is slightly similar to 'Wai Siu Po', and the screen time is very heavy. As for Joey Meng, who has recently joined TVB and is heavily used, she will play 'Lui Sei Leung' in the series!

Regarding the shuffle of characters, "Food" producer Wong Wai Sing was asked for confirmation. He frankly said that many series are like this...hope to use the actors in the promotional clip, but cannot help it when there are schedule conflicts sometimes. He also admitted that Raymond Lam had already officially rejected the series, but did not see him...only received the company's notification, so must look for another candidate. As for Ron Ng, who was originally confirmed to star, he will be on holidays until the end or March...not able to accommodate the schedule. Fala Chen and Sharon Chan, who were also in the promotional clip, will also not be starring. When asked about the candidate for the female lead, he expressed having initially considered Linda Chung; however, because she is taking a two-month break to return to Canada after finishing "Brother's Keeper", cannot accommodate the schedule, but has already invited Joey to play heroine 'Lui Sei Leung'. When asked whether letting Cho Lam lead was because of the good ratings of "Inbound", the producer frankly said that the role is very suitable for Cho Lam. Additionally, viewers have not seen him with a shaved head.

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Personal Note: Didn't expect Ron to also pull out of the series. Cho Lam's role sounds like the one that Ron played in the Sales clip.

Joey already filmed a comedy and played a villain in "A Change Heart". If she accepts this series, she will fulfill another wish to film an ancient series.

Wonder who will be playing the emperor.... Sunny Chan and Roger Kwok should be good candidates....

*Credits to singtao


  1. Wow, did not expect all these changes! Any word if Nancy will still be filming this?

    1. To AC:

      Nancy should still be taking part in the series.