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Thursday, September 9, 2010

"The Truth" Blessing Ceremony



Tavia Yeung Has Changed to Become More Beautiful

Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma attended the blessing ceremony for the new series "The Truth". In the series, Tavia plays a lawyer. She expressed her fear toward the script when seeing the amount of professional dialogue she has to remember. As for recent reports indicating that Tavia has had plastic surgery, Tavia responded in a calm manner and said that she only sees it as a promotional tactic. In "The Truth", Kenneth will guest-star as a big thief in the final case. Kenneth revealed that he will have a romantic storyline with Tavia in the series. He said flirtatiously, "I was only missing Tavia when I filmed 'The Mysteries of Love', so she is not getting away this time. I will tell the director to add kiss scenes!"

Kenneth Ma Will Take Initiative to Request Kiss Scenes

Kenneth revealed that he will be guest-starring in "The Truth" as a very handsome thief. His character will attract the affection of Tavia to fall in love with him. He jokingly said, "Tavia has avoided me for quite a while, as she said that she was lucky to not have played my lover in 'The Mysteries of Love'. This time, the producer told me that she will fall in love with me, so I immediately agreed to guest-star. Last time, I had many girls around me, but I was missing Tavia, so I will request to add kiss scenes".

"Scoop" Clip


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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming is always sweet-talking. :D

Ha ha.... Ma Ming didn't have time to change, as he is wearing his outfit from "Female Fist". In "Female Fist", Ma Ming's hair will be parted in the middle in the later part of the series, so this is not his 'handsome' look for "The Truth".

The recent reports about certain TVB artistes having done plastic surgery is ridiculous! Tavia's nose has always been high, and Fala used to have baby fat. She did not get her chin done.

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, and tungstar


  1. I'm looking forward to Kenneth's 'handsome' look in this series =]

    Too bad he's only a guest star though... I want to see him with Tavia.

  2. To turtle88:

    Also kind of disappointed that he's only a guest star. I hope that his character is good, and will have good chemistry with Tavia.

  3. i wonder how hot he going to be to make Tavia's character to fall in love with him..haha

  4. To artbox:

    His character must have appeared before the last case or it could just be the fact that he's too charming. :D

  5. Hey Hyn5 , After " Female Fist " and this series . Ma Ming have any plan ??? This year , he has just 1 series . How sad :(

  6. To Anonymous:

    Don't know what Ma Ming will be filming afterward. Waiting for fans to ask him.