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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

《心戰》 "Psychological Warfare" Costume Fitting Pictures




Weibo Pictures

- Adam Cheng will play an acting master who investigates cases. He will use his acting experience to solve cases.
- Moses Chan will play a magician and a serial killer.
- Maggie Shiu will have a prosthetic left hand. She and Moses were originally a pair; however, she later develops feelings for Adam.
- Kenny Wong will play the owner of a bar. He and Rachel Kan will play a pair.
- Aimee Chan will play a tree doctor. She is Adam's daughter and Moses' younger sister.
- Rebecca Chan will play Adam's ex-wife and manager. The story takes place after her and Adam's four-year-old daughter is killed after being taken hostage, which instigates a series of unbelievable events.
- Lily Ho will play Adam's daughter who went missing when she was young.
- Helen Ma will play Maggie's mother.
- Mat Yeung will play an Inspector of Police.
- Sammy Sum will play a chef. He and Aimee will play a pair.

Clips (costume fitting):
Moses Chan's TVB Blog
Kenny Wong's TVB Blog
Aimee Chan's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Moses Chan's TVB Blog
Aimee Chan's TVB Blog
Lily Ho's TVB Blog

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Master of Play".

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Personal Note: This series has even less info than "Dwelling"...waiting for more info!

I have changed the literal English title from "War of the Heart" to "Psychological Warfare" because it reminds me of 心魔. :)

Adam's wig reminds me of a conductor. :P

Moses looks very good in here! Can't wait to hear more about his character. :D

Hmm.... Kenny's 'devilish' look is quite unique. He and Stephen Ho seem to be related somehow.

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, takungpao, tungstar, mingpao, and Weibo


  1. Moses does look good here, his character sounds interesting!!!

  2. Anyone knows about Maggie's character here?Thanks

  3. yeah anyone know anything about Maggie's character .. i really want to know

  4. I just finish watching the costume fitting video of this show and Maggie Siu will have a prosthetic left hand She and Moses were originally a pair; however, she later develops feelings for Adam.(all the comment is by Hyn)

  5. To artbox:

    Yes, a serial killer is something to look forward to. :)

    To Maggie's Fans:

    Maggie's character seems to very interesting. :)

  6. Yah it was a breathrough role for Maggie and which she'll is the First Female Lead in the show.But I feel very sad for her to cut her hair till that short but she still look very younger as 90's Sek Yiming.

  7. To Maggie's Fans:

    Actually, I prefer Maggie with short hair. She looks much cooler.