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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"No Regrets" Promotional Clip 1

Narrator: "From the strong crew of 'Rosy Business', TVB Anniversary series 'No Regrets' reaches new heights!"

Personal Note: Many are anticipating this series, but I do not have any special feelings toward this particular genre. Therefore, my anticipation for this series is not high.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. haha i quite like this genre, i dont know why...

    but i think their promo clip for this drama is pretty good...i loved the whole indoors, it was people overdosing in the drugs and u see sheren's name (i guess cause she's mafia leader & does the drug dealings)...and then the camera moves outdoors and its hectic and people are running away from cops with wayne's name (because i guess he's a cop too, but then he's like a corrupted police officer?)... and then everything's just really intense with sheren & wayne... i really love the blue-ish tint to the promo clip..haha..very mysterious, very "ocean" very thrilling feel..haha

    then again, i might just have always liked this genre...haha

  2. To Jing-Mui:

    Yes, this particular promo clip was done very well. It was quite dramatic and exciting.

    I've never been a fan of this genre. Also, TVB doesn't do this genre well. ATV fares better in this genre, as well as in supernatural themes.

  3. when you say this genre, do you mean like the time period...or this theme of drama? ...cause like this time period dramas weren't bad...i liked war & destiny, silver chamber, fistful of stances...haha....

    really?..hmm only ATV series i know that was somewhat close to this time..is like The Good Old Days ..or was that a TVB drama?....

  4. To Jing-Mui:

    Genre as in the type of the series, not the time period.

    Yes, "The Good Old Days" is an ATV production.