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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" NG Clip - Linda Chung Holding Back Laughs


Woman: "Drink your tea".

Linda Chung: "Do you agree to not share the same bed on the night of consummating the marriage, and to only be a married couple in name and...nothing else? Later...walk our separate ways. As for...a memorial...plaque...."
(Linda laughing while she falls onto the table.)

David Do: "That's great. I was afraid that she wouldn't faint".
(Kenneth trying not to laugh.)

Woman: "I'll faint if she doesn't faint. She was a tough one".

David To: "It's okay".
(Linda's fingers are moving.)

Kenneth Ma: "Ah, you guys have drugged her tea".

Woman: "Don't worry, mister. This hallucinogen is on the house. However, the seduction drug that you've asked for will be charged at a reasonable price".
(Linda's body is shaking, as she is laughing. Linda is laughing so hard that her hand even comes off the table.)

Kenneth Ma: "No problem. How much?"
(Linda finally laughs out loud.)

Kenneth Ma: "Constantly laughing Linda".

Linda Chung: "Sorry!"

Kenneth Ma: "Constantly shaking".



Personal Note: Ha ha.... I'm happy to see an NG clip for this scene, as this scene was quite funny. I wonder why the director did not say "cut" because it was obvious that Linda was laughing during and after her line. If they wanted it to keep rolling, then they might as well have showed the last part where Linda laughed out loud. I guess they wanted this to be part of the NG clips. :P I like how Ma Ming was so calm and continued to say his lines as if nothing went wrong. He he.... :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

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