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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Can't Buy Me Love" @ "Super Trio Game Master"

Lee Heung Kam, Susan Tse, Charmaine Sheh, Selena Li, Yoyo Chen, Elaine Yiu, Charmaine Li, Moses Chan, Louis Yuen, Raymond Wong, Kenneth Ma, Lee Kwok Lun, and Edwin Siu were the guests.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 6

New Game: "Wrong Number"

In this game, both team members had to wear headphones. One person asks questions from a board while the other person has to answer by choosing random answers. If the answer matches the questions, points will be awarded.

Louis Yuen: "What should kids do if they don't know how to do their homework?"
Moses Chan: "Get breast enhancement".
Louis Yuen: "TVB female artistes are known for...."
Moses Chan: "Thumb-sucking".
Louis Yuen: "What would you do if you've lost your identity card?"
Moses Chan: "Remember to replace it".
Louis Yuen: "What should Louis Yuen do before wearing leggings?"
Moses Chan: "Pick his nose".
Louis Yuen: "What's the next line after 'Any sudden movement'?"
Moses Chan: "Use a slipper to flatten it".
Louis Yuen: "What are men most afraid of?"
Moses Chan: "Diarrhea".
Louis Yuen: "What would happen if you ate unsanitary food?"
Moses Chan: "Dance".
Louis Yuen: "What do newborns like to do most?"
Moses Chan: "Drown them".
Louis Yuen: "What do you most want to do when you're lonely?"
Moses Chan: "Shave [my] legs".
Louis Yuen: "What would happen if you get a sniff of pepper?"
Moses Chan: "Sneeze".
Louis Yuen: "Women who want to increase their cup size will...."
Moses Chan: "Give a parking ticket".

Susan Tse: "What do we usually refer to Charmaine Sheh as?"
Charmaine Sheh: "Airport".
Susan Tse: "What does Moses Chan most like to drink?"
Charmaine Sheh: "Breast milk".
Susan Tse: "Where do airplanes land?"
Charmaine Sheh: "Toilet".
Susan Tse: "What do you use to unclog a toilet?"
Charmaine Sheh: "The space between the toes".
Susan Tse: "When Louis Yuen dresses up as a woman, he most resembles...."
Charmaine Sheh: "Bernice Liu".
Susan Tse: "The female lead of 'Can't Buy Me Love' is...."
Charmaine Sheh: "Sailor Moon".
Susan Tse: "Moses Chan's rumoured girlfriend is...."
Charmaine Sheh: "Michelle Lo".
Susan Tse: "We refer to very dumb people as...."
Charmaine Sheh: "Ah Sheh".
Susan Tse: "We refer to people who are timid and overcautious as...."
Charmaine Sheh: "Turtles retracting their heads into their shells (i.e., cowards)".
Susan Tse: "What would you see if you lift up your shirt?"
Charmaine Sheh: "Jackhammer".

"Scoop" Clip

Personal Note: The new game was quite funny! :D Charmaine's answers were hilarious! :D Ha ha....

People who went to the show said that Selena wanted to play the ping pong game with Ma Ming, but Louis wanted to play with his 'wife'. :P Too bad!

Ha ha.... Ma Ming's balloon was supposed to pop, but Eric popped Yoyo's balloon instead. :D

Only Ma Ming got a strike at the end; too bad the other guys were bad at it. Charmaine got a spare, Selena hit eight pins, and Elaine hit nine pins.

*Credits to 佘詩曼吧


  1. I know! I wanted to see Selena play the ping pong game Kenneth! =P And they didn't get to play together in the sushi game either =[

    This was a fun episode because of the cast =]

  2. I haven't watched any Super Trio episode of this new season... I realize how Elvina's voice is so evil when she laughs... funny at the same time too (remembers me of "Diana" in BSS)

  3. Hahahas.. so funny the part of the "sucking" ball, Charmaine vs Moses, the girls all called "Bernice Liu" to distract Moses.. Eric then said "you evil guys"!

  4. Thank you for translating.

    Do they refer Charmaine as "Sailor Moon"?


    Who is "Michelle Lo", has any picture?

  5. To j3ssiibaabyy:

    I only have it on megavideo.

    To turtle88:

    Yeah, it was very disappointing because I really wanted them to play together.

    To lizzy:

    Yeah, that has always been Elvina's laugh.

    I've only watched like 5 episodes from this season. :)

    Ha ha.... Moses was winning, but then the girls shouted out Bernice's name. :P

    To Qingwa:

    In this game, both team members are to wear headphones. One person asks questions from a board while the other person has to answer by choosing random answers. If the answer matches the questions, points will be awarded.

    Therefore, Charmaine couldn't hear what questions Susan was asking.

    Michelle Lo is the woman who Louis Yuen is said to resemble when he dressed up as 'Excellent' in the "Sat in the City" segment of "Fun with Liza and Gods".

  6. Thank you for the answer. :D

    I understand about the way to play game, just want to find the correct answer. And only ‘Sailor Moon’ left for the question "What do we usually refer to Charmaine Sheh as?"

    At first I thought the answer should be ‘Ah Sheh’ , later I think it should be answer for the question "The female lead of 'Can't Buy Me Love' is..." right?

    However I’m not sure if they refer Charmaine as ‘Sailor Moon’ and why they refer her as.

  7. I LOL-ed every time when Eric give Lee Heung Kam the choice to choose who wins.

    @Qingwa: hahas maybe you didn't see.. but for every question the right answer is shown at the right, the answer that the artist give is shown below the right answer. :)

    So the right answer for:
    "What do we usually refer to Charmaine Sheh as?"
    "Ah Sheh".

    "The female lead of 'Can't Buy Me Love' is..."
    "Charmaine Sheh"

    I think there are more answers on the board then questions, so some answers do not match any question, just like "Sailor Moon". Or maybe it does match, but not one of the questions that Susan choose.

  8. OMG, i finally watched today! Charmaine and Moses in the 1st game were so funny. Esp. with Charmaine coz she looks so confident when she answered, i reckon that new game is the funniest one ever, hope they will continue with that game

  9. @ Lizzy : oh! i see, I didn't see that the right answer is shown at the right. (I don't understand Chinese) But when you told me I just re-watch again. And see the right answer shown. (Only know the meaning of the words Ah Sheh and Sheh Sze Man in Chinese)

    Thank you very much for telling me. Now I also think there are more answers.

  10. To Lizzy:

    Thanks for answering.

    Yes, I also thought it was hilarious when Eric would ask Lee Heung Kam to see which team had won. :D

    To artbox:

    Charmaine's answers were so wrong that they were right! Ha ha.... It would've been so funny if she had answered 'Airport' for the last question. Ha ha.... :P

  11. AHAHAHAHAAA OMGGG I LIKE THIS NEW GAME XDDD Charmaine was so adorable when answering the questions hahahaa...laughing my head off x)

  12. To seedan:

    Yeah, Charmaine's answers very "matching" with the questions. :D The way she answered made it even funnier.