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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen on "Fan and Kam"

Part 1

Fala describes Ma Ming to be a sweet-talker, but he is all talk and no action. When Plato asked Fala if Ma Ming flirts with her, she said that he does, as he would say, "Fala, you look very pretty today". However, he does not dare to phone her, as he would only send her a polite text message.

Part 2

It's already known that Ma Ming likes to say "I love you" to Myolie Wu. This came about because there was a time when Myolie kept asking Ma Ming if he loved her. Ma Ming also said that Myolie has always been single.

Fala agreed to cook for Ma Ming, as there is a certain dish that Ma Ming likes, which happens to be a dish that she specializes in.

Part 3

Fala mentioned that she has the most scenes with Charmaine Sheh in "Can't Buy Me Love". She likes Charmaine's straightforward personality and her attitude toward work.

Ma Ming and Fala talk about the difficult ancient dialogue in "Can't", as some Chinese characters may have a number of possible pronunciations. They both suspect that the screenwriters don't even know what the dialogue means. Fala praised Ma Ming for being able to act out the scenes well despite not knowing what the dialogue means.

Ma Ming doesn't know how to pursue girls, so he wants to test it out on Fala because he wants to experience the process of getting rejected after trying to pursue a girl.

When Bernice Liu went on "Fan and Kam", she complained about the fact that Ma Ming tends to film kiss scenes head-on, thereby causing their noses to clash. Ma Ming explained that Bernice has a high nose, and jokingly said that he is used to kissing girls with flatter noses.

Part 4

Fala said that she doesn't have many pursuers, as she seems as though she is difficult to get along with. However, she said that she is not difficult to pursue.

When asked about the most romantic thing that a guy has ever done for Fala, she said that she once had a boyfriend who gave her a stack of postcards from various places that he went to, which were written with things that reminded him of her while he was away on vacation. After hearing this, Ma Ming said, "Now I know how to pursue Fala! I'll send her a text message from the canteen, and then one from studio 13, and then another one from studio 2...." Then, Fala added, "From the parking lot". However, Plato said that handwritten messages are different from text messages. Then Ma Ming explained that his text messages usually consist of "Are you going to work today?", "If you're not going, then I'm not going", "If you're going to be late, tell me", "If you're going to be early, tell me", etc. Ma Ming said that he is a romantic in a practical way.

Part 5

Ma Ming and Fala both have lived overseas, and they both like the lifestyle there, as it is not as rushed, and there is more freedom. When asked whether they were accustomed to the lifestyle of Hong Kong, Fala said that she finds it ridiculous that she has to pay for parking in shopping malls. Ma Ming said that he's not accustomed to the fact that you can't get free refills for drinks in Hong Kong.

Part 6

Fala mentioned that she initially participated in pageants without her parents knowing.

Ma Ming and Fala both take the MTR, but Ma Ming doesn't get bothered much by other passengers, whereas Fala said that some passengers would take the initiative to chat with her or take pictures of her with their cell phones.

Part 7

At the end of each episode of "Fan and Kam", guests would write their wishes on a piece of paper and place it into a bottle. Ma Ming revealed what he had written: "Money. House. Car. Girls. Watch". Lai Chi San said that Ma Ming is the first artiste to reveal his wish.

Plato Lai: "You can continue to pursue Fala".

Kenneth Ma: "Okay, let's consummate our marriage".

Plato Lai: "Hasn't even successfully pursued her, but consummating first. That only happens in series".

Lai Chi San: "Really like seeing him pretend to be a player. I think it's really funny".

Kenneth Ma: "Pretending to be a player?!"

Fala Chen: "Pretending to be a player".

Kenneth Ma: "You are really.... You said the wrong thing. As a host, you really said the wrong thing".

Plato Lai: "Look at your image. You can only pretend to be a player!"

Part 8

Afterthought: From this programme, Ma Ming and Fala got to know more about each other.


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Personal Note: I only summarized the parts of the interview that were not previously mentioned.

I have always liked watching "Fan and Kam" because the interview is more in-depth, and it is very funny. :D

I always thought that Ma Ming was the one who started to say "I love you" to Myolie; however, she is actually the one who initiated it. :P

The funniest part is when Ma Ming said that he would pursue Fala by texting her from various locations! Ha ha.... :D

Looking forward to more Ma Ming and Fala scenes in "Can't". :D

*Credits to 30fen


  1. Looks like they both have great chemistry together, but then again Ma Ming has great chemistry with ALL his female co-stars.

    Out of curiosity, when did Ma Ming and Myolie act together? Can't seem to remember of the top of my head.
    I wonder why Myolie kept asking Ma Ming if he loves her.

  2. To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming and Myolie were in "Survivor's Law," "Triumph in the Skies," "Net Deception," "Dreams of Colour," "Lost in the Chamber of Love," "Scavengers' Paradise," "The Master of Tai Chi," and "To Grow With Love" together. They even went to Hunan to participate in "Strictly Come Dancing II".

    There were a number of ocassions where Ma Ming had said, "I love you" to Myolie. Check out this like for related posts. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2009/11/kenneth-ma-loves-tvb-and-myolie-wu.html :D

  3. To Hyn:
    Thanks :D Now I know why I didn't see them together that often, out of all the series you listed, I only saw Triumph in the Skies and Survivor's Law which was ages ago ;)

    Were they ever paired together?

  4. To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming and Myolie were kind of paired up in "To Grow with Love". He like her, but she liked Andy Hui. :)