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Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Every Move You Make" Promotional Clip 1

Bosco Wong: "Snipers are ready. How's the situation down there?"

Kristal Tin: "The CIB said that someone will harm the Secretary General".

Lai Lok Yi: "He may be in the crowd".

Bowie Lam: "Everyone, keep an eye out".

Guy 1: "Always talking about useless things".

Guy 2: "So many people in the way".

Guy 3: "Corrupt official, I'm taking your life today!"

Bowie Lam: "Found him. At the two o'clock position. The guy wearing the grey jacket".

"Every Move You Make". October 4th @ 9:30pm.

Personal Note: This promo clip is quite unique, but it seems as though Bowie can read minds rather than their facial expressions and gestures. I guess the direct translation of the Chinese title is "Mind Reading Detective".... :P

Also, not really sure what Bosco said in the beginning....

Lorretta Chow wasn't in the clip, as she is currently on holidays in Canada.

Does the promo clip have "Lie to Me" written all over it?

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. ooh this looks like an interesting series, i'm always up for a detective/action series :D

  2. To Anonymous:

    Hopefully the cases will be good.

  3. It does remind of Lie to me but i like those kind of drama and I like the main cast so yeah, hopefully the cases will be good^^

  4. Very interesting. I'm not a fan of anyone in the cast, but it actually looks intriguing. I'm going to keep my expectations low though, I have been disappointed way too much by TVB this year :P.

  5. To artbox:

    Yes, all I hope is that the cases will be good. :)

    To Advo:

    The series is produced by Tsui Yue On, so I don't expect much from him. ;)

  6. If I heard correctly, Bosco said in the very beginning of the clip:

    狙擊手ready, 下面情況點呀?

    The first shot of the clip you can see the sniper.

  7. To lizzy:

    My sister said "sniper"; however, we couldn't come up with its Chinese term. Thanks!