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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dominic Lam Thinks Highly of Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam

Dominic Lam: "In these few years in TVB, I've worked with many first-line siu sangs. Among them, there is an actor who plays many different roles. That person is Kenneth Ma. The best opportunity for an actor is to be able to play a different role every time. Raymond Lam...I've worked with him in two series. During 'The Four', I feel that he performed the role of Emotionless very precisely. If you ask me about 'Growing Through Life', I haven't been able to watch much of it, as I've been filming. From what I've watched...precise! If you want me to choose one, I choose Raymond".

Personal Note: Dominic is a superb actor! I particularly love how he speaks. He definitely deserves recognition for Wing Tak! :D

*Credits to VDONext


  1. and so i just found out Lam Kah Wah's is Dominic ;) I like him in the series Rain in the Heart, acting opp Kathy Chow and Roger Kwok. Really like his acting in there!

  2. To Anonymous:

    成功路上? Yes, Dominic Lam is Lam Ka Wah. :D

  3. Hahas the video showed photos of young Dominic! You know, my mother has been in the same night school as Dominic, of course he was one of the higher classes while she was in lower classes! Back then he was already host for a police tv programme, but he probably went to school (at night) to learn more. All my mum's classmates were like: "that's Lam Ka Wah!", cause they recognised him from tv.

  4. To lizzy:

    That's cool! Yeah, Dominic entered the industry during his teens, so it makes sense that he would still be going to school.

  5. Hope , Ma Ming will join " FH3 " ^^ ... It's really if he and ah Sheh are couple together :x :))

  6. To Anonymous:

    I would like Ma Ming to film a Tommy series next, as he had filmed five Catherine series in a row.

  7. Hi Hyn,

    Speaking of recognition, do you have any idea when the TVB anniversary awards nominations are coming out. I would think they should be coming out soon.


  8. To Anonymous:

    The nomination list usually releases during the Light Switching Ceremony, which will be on the 18th.