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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tavia Yeung and Louis Yuen Link Arms on and off Camera



Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, and Louis Yuen were at a mall filming TVB's new series "Justice Attack". The storyline was talking about Michael, who plays a pair with Tavia, becoming so rattled such that he falls down after seeing Tavia and Louis link arms while shopping. During the chaos, [he] even pushed Louis to the floor.

When asked why Tavia had kept her arm linked with Louis on and off camera, she laughingly said that it was a common thing: "Ron Ng also can! When he and I were filming series in public, we would also walk up and down the streets linked like this". However, when reporters mentioned his rumoured girlfriend, Tavia immediately knowingly said: "If he links with me now, I also have to think about it first".

Giving Each Other First Onscreen Kiss

Michael, who plays a prosecutor at the Department of Justice, said that his personality in the series is not that of a player. When reporters teased that he will have kiss scenes with Tavia and Grace Wong, he immediately yelled, "I don't even know why Grace said that one-sidedly. I don't even know that there are kiss scenes yet. (She said that her first onscreen kiss was given to you.) I also gave my first to her...my first kiss as a lawyer!"

On the other hand, interestingly, Louis' name in the series is 'Koo Tin Lok'. Every time Tavia calls out his name, the surrounding people would not be able to hold their laughter. After hearing what was said, Louis could only smooth things over by saying, "Actually, my face does look like [his]!"

Personal Note: Looks like a funny scene! :D

Ha ha.... Louis' character name is 「古天樂」! :P

Tavia already mentioned linking arms with Ron in an old article (吳卓羲、楊怡情場o氹o氹轉真假莫辨). :D

*Credits to the-sun


  1. i was looking forward to a The Other Truth sequel! :o
    there has been so many Tavia and Michael series already!
    WHY not RUCO and Tavia?!

  2. lol OMG Louis Yuen becomes "Louis Koo" this is hilarious! haha they both have the same English name too. I want to laugh even before watching this.

  3. Louis with the name 古天樂 is funny!

    "Actually, my face does look like [his]!"

    LouisY is too funny! :D

  4. Michael looks men than plus his acting is cool. Ruco facial expression some sense looks weird.

  5. Wait!!! Will there still be The Other Truth sequel?!!