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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fala Chen's First Plug (Preview)

"Half" - Fala Chen

一半 - 陳法拉

作曲: 宇珩
填詞: 張美賢
編曲/監製: Johnny Yim

一半晚餐 再分我一半被窩 你聽我傷心的哭過
明早撲進地鐵廂座 愁眉別深鎖
一半汽水 再分你一半飲歌 長年陪好姊妹消磨
最後誰可 去替代某一位 吻我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲 
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
嘲弄著自己的怯懦 難受嗎 如果你是我

一次拍拖 帶給我一半笑渦 與一半傷感的交錯
從婚宴送贈了祝賀 仍然沒不可
一半探戈 跳出了一半痛楚 長年無止境的蹉跎
以後誰可 到了白髮一般 疼我

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我 
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都歌頌情人的快樂 其實我都 曾感動過

每個聖誕像負荷 熱鬧到好想閃躲
好友說過 誰人最襯得起我
繼續做夢 難道太傻 才妄想找到好結果
對號入座 像熱播每一首歌
都複述情人怎惹禍 流淚太多 誰敢犯錯

FYI: This is a Cantonese cover of Della Wu's song of the same title.

Personal Note: Fala dropping the ending sound of 得 again.... o_O'


  1. The problem is that Fala still has problems with her Cantonese pronunciation, and her singing voice is not that extraordinary. Fala's album didn't release yet, but how long is she going to last as a singer? History shows that TVB fadans singing career doesn't last for more than two albums. I know that Linda still has a singing contract, but does Myolie still have one?

    1. In December, Myolie said that she hopes to release an EP in the middle of the year.

  2. In the Ding Dong MV you posted, the part of Fala's 30 seconds preview is 1.23-1.55. When compared, I like the music arrangement of Fala's version more, but Fala's singing suddenly sounds unnatural. Though I never think her singing was great, because her voice isn't extraordinary beautiful, it's just so-so, and there's still something with her Cantonese pronunciation that kinds of downgrades her voice, it never was that obvious as it is now. The themesongs that she sang were original songs, so there was no comparable material, but now there is. Maybe singing in Mandarin is a bit better for Fala.

  3. yes most of TVB fadans singing career doesn't last because their singing isn't that good;

    actually I like her voice better than Linda Chung and Myolie Wu

  4. I like Fala version, it make me more feeling than Della Ding version. And maybe I like Fala's singing, it's sweet with me. Waiting for her live performance