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Friday, May 11, 2012

Jason Chan Leading New Modern Series



Jason Chan will be partnering with Linda Chung at the end of May, leading the new modern series "Blissful Ferris Wheel" for the first time.

As for this arrangement, Jason frankly said that [he] feels very fortunate: "From entering the industry in 2006 to now, the encounters have not been bad. The company has given me many opportunities--from hosting on Pearl to filming series on Jade. The jobs have come one after the other. Asking myself, there aren't many hardships. Know that some artistes may only get one notice in a few months. I feel that I am very fortunate. Very thankful toward [Catherine] Tsang and [Virginia] Lok, but very nervous about leading a series for the first time. Worried about not doing well. In addition, first time working with Linda...don't know how the chemistry will be. However, able to try different roles and opportunities...certainly will try [my] best. I hope that, in the future, acting ability and achievement will be like Moses [Chan] and Raymond [Lam]". Jason has delicate, fair skin, but [he] is actually already 35 years old. Just getting promoted as a new siu sang now, would there be the feeling of a late spring? "Although my age is not considered young, have a very baby face. Since entering the industry, have learned many things. Perhaps it is because [I] entered the industry rather late, so thinking is rather mature. When many opportunities appear, will get a better grasp of them".

Personal Note: Still think that Jason's acting is too green, but not surprised that he will be leading this new series, as many siu sangs are occupied with other projects.

*Credits to mingpao and ihktv


  1. I also think his acting is green but it's refreshing and better than watching the same actors all the time. Jason Chan is goodlooking and I'm not surprised. Some people has mistaken him for Raymond Lam on Ruco's weibo before. And truthfully they do resemble each other a bit but I like Jason Chan way more, dislike RL.

  2. Jason is leading?! His biggest role was like in "Be Home for Dinner", right?

    I agree that his acting is green and that he is good looking, but he speaks Cantonese with a heavy British accent? And his pronunciation is a tad weird.

  3. I think Jason looks hot, but his acting is another story. Wonder if he's mixed?

    1. Don't think that Jason is mixed.

  4. I always thought Jason was really hot, but I think his acting isn't that great. Plus, he has a big accent. However, I'll still watch him and drool. :P